The Turbine Lament

This is a song written and sung by written and is sung by Ernan O’Donnell in response to the proliferation of wind turbines in Donegal, Ireland. The lyrics are as follows:
God bless the hills of Donegal, their days are nearly done,
For no more upon their heathered slopes will hare or rabbit run.
No more the stately stag shall stand, so straight and proud and tall,
Just turbine sores forevermore on the hills of Donegal.

The majestic golden eagle, the falcon and the duck,
Must fly elsewhere to obtain their fare, there’ll be nothing here but muck.
No honking geese, no whirring snipe, no grouse nor pheasant call,
Just turbine sores forevermore on the hills of Donegal.

Those lovely summer evenings we wandered up the hill,
And oft times stopped to quench our thirst at many a mountain rill,
Are gone forever, lost in mire, locked gates and boundary walls,
And turbine sores forevermore on the hills of Donegal.

Instead of joyful peace and quiet, continuous hiss and roar,
Sleepless nights and fretful days, as the blades turn o’er and o’er.
Flickering lights and flying ice, as our property prices fall,
From turbine sores forevermore on the hills of Donegal.

For private wealth they increase our debt and consign us to slavery.
Every cent we earn, every ounce we burn, will finance their knavery.
In greasy tills, they’ve whored our hills, with no thought for life at all,
Just turbine sores forevermore on the hills of Donegal.

In the final verse of olden songs we’d always a ‘but and so’,
But in this verse there’s no reverse, ’tis only death we’ll know.
The death of home and country, the death of hut and hall,
With turbine sores forevermore on the hills of Donegal.

8 thoughts on “The Turbine Lament

  1. The Irish did drive the Brits out of Ireland but to rid themselves of the turbines, a lot of greed must go.

  2. Just have to send this one to the Irish wind reps. that sweet talked our neighbours into signing wind leases. I hope you have a guilty conscious listening to this one, TCI Renewables. Shame on what you are doing to beautiful Ontario. Shame on you for destroying beautiful Ireland.

  3. I have a friend who’s family heritage is from Ireland. She said she went back several years ago and loved it, went back a couple of years ago and all she saw was wind turbines. She said she’s not going back again because of the industrial wind turbines.

  4. Same on all of you for destroying nature around the world for such a useless scam!

    • They are even promoting sleeping with the industry people??! Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe this one! Will never forget the list of corporations I was given that I could work for when I completed an Environmental Studies degree. Suncor, Enbridge, Transalta. I quit university 2 weeks later because I didn’t’ want to sleep with them.

    • Mmmmmm – spinning the dream
      The Tides (Canada) Foundation –
      with sex appeal!
      Gee – that won’t draw any attention!

      Give me more:
      Ha! Ha! moment:
      I recall David Suzuki saying he was giving up sex………….ha!ha!ha!

  5. Good for you. I was an Environmental Student in the early 90’s at UofW. It was no different then, than it is now. I changed majors; Environmental Studies became a minor.
    I have found over the years, environmentalism seems to be a “trendy” thing for many young people, who actually don’t know bean all.
    People feel good about themselves when others see them doing a good thing; being a good person. Get over it. It’s not about you; it’s about the planet we live on and taking care of it.
    What we need is a solid movement in the right direction. People of Ontario, it’s time to “walk the walk”. This turbine business is like a plague, blanketing the province. If it isn’t a concern, it should be; it will be. Nobody’s going to fix this but US.

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