Wind opponents generate dissension

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Pembina Institute presenters got an earful from Ontario residents opposed to wind turbines

GRAND BEND – It was a chilly wind that blew through the Alhambra Hall Monday night for a pro-renewable-energy event hosted by the Pembina Institute. The majority of the 80 or so people who showed up were wind opponents and they spent most of the evening shouting their disapproval. At one point, two OPP officers showed up, walked into the back of the room where many of the wind opponents stood and left without incident.

The event, intended to share views about wind energy from a landowner in Alberta and learn about Ontario issues around wind turbines, was the first of three. A second meeting is planned for 7 p.m. tonight (Tuesday) in London at Aeolian Hall and a third in Chatham at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Sunset Lounge. In spite of Monday’s reception, Tim Weis, director of renewable energy and efficiency policy at Pembina, a not-for-profit sustainable energy think tank, says they will go ahead as planned. Alberta horse rancher Heidi Eijgel, who brought a pro-wind view to the meeting, said she does not plan to alter her presentation tonight. The presentation includes slides and videos of her ranch, especially of her horses.

Anti-wind demonstrators first appeared outside but moved into the hall as the 7 p.m. meeting was about to begin, some of them with their signs. A large group stood at the rear of the small hall but many others were scattered among the crowd. It was hard to tell who was who.  Read article

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  1. So these Alberta turbines are only HALF the height of what we’re living with in S.Ontario, & the closest turbine to her place is 700m, but here in Ontario they’re placed as close as 550m. Apparently Tim & Heidi really thought they could fool the knowledgeable informed people of the Grand Bend / Sylvan area.

  2. Please take a moment to comment on the Better Farming site.
    One comment claims that protesters are bused to protest sites for free, subsidized by unions who want to keep coal as a source of energy. If that is true why did I have to pay $20 to go to Queen’s Park!? I want a refund! Just kidding. I know it is all fabricated. Tell it on the Better Farming site!

  3. So Weis said they had come to Ontario to learn about IWT issues? The Pembina Institute was in support of the passage of the Ontario Green Energy Act.
    Tim Weis is also on the Ontario Clean Energy Task force.
    As of April,12,2012 Members included:
    Andrew Heintzman, also on the Board of Tides Canada Foundation
    Rick Smith, Environmental Defence Canada
    David Timm, International Power Canada
    James Murphy, Invenergy
    Harry Goldgut, Chair. of Brookfield Power Utilites Group
    Tim Weis, Pembina Institute
    Gregory Scallen, SunEdison Canada
    Hardly an unbiased group of people on the Ontario Task force but rather a self serving group. Some of these members have a direct financial interest in Ontario renewable energy projects. One member on the Tides Foundation Board should raise some questions also. Who represents rural Ontarians on the Task force?

  4. Pro wind advocates:
    Alberta horse rancher Heidi Eijgel!
    What’s missing?
    Okay – give up?
    Ontario ‘pig farmer’ – ‘what’s her name’ (good – better forgotten).

    • Jutta WAS at the Grand Bend meeting! She was the one who called the police because she “feared for her safety”. She was the first one to greet the police when they showed up. They didn’t even enter the building, stayed maybe 15 minutes then left without doing anything. That woman loves to put herself into volatile situations hoping to provoke a response from us so she can claim we assaulted her. Mr. Jutta (Ralph) was there too, going toe to toe with protestors, trying to keep signs out of the building. They received a very loud and clear message from us – WIND WHORES ARE NOT WELCOME IN OUR COMMUNITY!!!

      • Mrs &Mr Hutta must drink a whole lot of German “green” kool-aid!

      • Jutta really is the ultimate drama queen. She must have a very boring life.

  5. Pembina, CANWEA and OSEA have become desperate!!!
    They know their failed IWT propaganda campaign that they have hung their collective hats on for so many years has been exposed for what it really is: a Huge Scam!
    Now they need “new” propaganda for their lame and outdated websites and psycho-babble hand-out sheets. By garnering a few “real-time” sound clips and photo minutes while babbling on incoherently at a “public meeting/organ grinding monkey show” they hope to get back to Alberta with a thumb drive full of “green moments” to try and keep the tax payer’s tap running full on for all the $$$ they can suck out of it!
    The tragedy of all this stupidity is that we are also on the hook for the costs of OUR Police Force being called out to protect these idiots from Ontario Citizens who want to protect their homes families and lands from a gang of green thieves who aren’t even from this sad Province!
    Too bad McGuinty who approved these parasite’s existence isn’t along for the ride! He would surely be surrounded by our police force!!!

  6. Big Green Lie, I couldn’t have said it better,”babbling incoherently…at an organ grinding monkey show!” The power point presentation consisted of a compilation of photos depicting the beautiful scenery of Alberta, and Heidi’s horses. The focus was on Heidi’s personal life and experiences; while her cohort spoke much of himself, Pembina, and various projects. The persenters claimed they were not paid. The presentation was a disaster.
    It is obvious these people were brought to Ontario to take a shot at the anti wind protestors. My question is why was the city of London picked as a location for this presentation? It was a small audience; approximately 30% pro-windies, 20% anti wind people, and the remainder were sitting on the fence – lost in a haze at the end of the evening. The presentation was a flop. They looked like complete fools, and did more damage to the wind proponents!
    The format of the evening brought a negative connotation from the get go. Upon arrival, I observed an unmarked police parked across the road. Inside was a guy hired by Pembina to act as security-he wore a shirt with SECURITY across the back. I mentioned to him I had been at the venue on numerous occasion and had not once seen security at the facility! His response was, “He was there to make sure nothing got damaged!” “Damaged I said?” Why would you expect damage?” His answer to that was , “Because of what happened last night.” I asked what had happened, was there damage and at this point, a young woman had approached and sheepishly responded “no”. This person seemed to take charge of the evening. Her name was Nicole, she was from Toronto, and would not disclose her employer when asked. In her attempt to be authoritative, she was very controlling and very unreasonable. At one point she verbally attacked an elderly woman handing out anti wind literature at the door. She asked her to leave and then decided it was ok to hand out the information, but no paper was to be brought in to the hall! Unfortunately for her, this didn’t happen. As for the elderly lady, an anti wind person came to her defense, reprimanded the other woman for picking on the elderly disabled woman (this woman is in her eighties, is a victim of industrial wind turbines by surrounding her home and is assisted by a walker because of her debilitating health). When seeing the elderly woman was not leaving, the other woman deliberately threw open the second door of the double set, in an attempt to have her papers blown about the strong gale coming in.
    Personally, I was approached by two different people on separate occasions. The vest of their conversation was not pleasant. One person told me we were not the only people living around wind turbines; they were all over the world, but we were the only ones exhibiting health effects. I told him there were many people experiencing the same effects. He then said it wasn’t true, there are no health studies to prove this. I told him there were many credible studies that are continued to be ignored. As I walked away, he proceeded to follow me. I turned, told him he needed to be educated, again turned to walk away. At this point, I extended by arm and purcup Mt hand and said,”Stop, leave me alone” as I exited into the bathroom. The security guy stood there with his arms crossed, watching the entire incident.
    The other young man was very intimidating. Throughout the evening he moved about the venue, sitting himself directly behind anti wind people, arms crossed, and rudely interjected at even the slightest whisper. The commotion made by the prowindies was much more distracting than the anti wind people! After sitting behind me for a bit, he abruptly got up and quickly left, brushing me against the back of the head with a force to be unkind and considered disrespectful.
    By the end of the evening, a police officer was present in the hall as well as another unmarked cruiser and two more officers were outside. As the evening ended, I stood next to the police officer, again standing at a stance with his arms crossed(!), and watched as a prowind guy harassed and tried to pick an argument with a couple of anti wind people. As the officer stood there and observed, I approached these people and told them to ignore him that he was provoking them. I returned to my place beside the officer, watching this continue. When I brought to his attending the guy was provoking the couple, he pointed to the door and told me to leave, that he would take care of it. I stayed at the door to watch. The officer mozied out a bit, and turned in the other direction ignoring what was going on. That is when I left.
    So yes Biggreenlie, an “organ grinding monkey show” it certainly was. For those who didn’t attend, you really didn’t miss anything.

    • Fiona, Excellent! You hit on a very important point.

      “The presentation was a flop. They looked like complete fools, and did more damage to the wind proponents!”
      The need exists for advocates to maintain an iron grip on the process. They cannot, for instance, withstand open public debate of the issues. Therefore, they do not partake in public forums.

    • Fiona, I’m not sure if I was one of those anti wind people that you are talking about- possibly. It was bizarre how the police were going to charge me with trespassing if I took papers into the London meeting. And then at the end, when pro- windies approached us and laughed in our faces as we were packing up, the police came over and told ME that I had to leave! BS! So a summary of my crimes for the night: Possession of Paper and Asking Questions. I was told by miss miniskirt (I should call her Nicole now that she has a name) that I was not ‘invited’ to attend Chatham meeting because of these, ahem, violations. I would have to remain outside. Awwwwww… (-; I wanted to see the re-run of the “Heidi and Pony Show”!

      • What would happen if a person was arrested/ got a ticket for having papers at a meeting? What would the court rule? You were not disorderly. Who in the province has the ultimate authority over the OPP?

      • Was the Chatham meeting announced as open to the public or were tickets/invitations required to attend? If the meeting was open to the public then anyone could attend as long as they were not disruptive or annoying others.

      • I’m sure my question about what size Heidi’s turbines are was ‘disruptive’…

  7. Does Mr. Weis’s home town of Trent valley have wind turbines planned, and if so, why isn’t he there promoting them?
    The question period was the best, you could hear a pin drop in waiting for a response to questions about our Ontario experiences with Industrial wind turbines. Most responeses were pretty prefabricated, but some were very revealing, like mentioning that the valuable farm land of Ontario was more useful for wind turbines because “electricity has become just as or if not more important than food”. Mr. Weis, your priorities are *ucked!
    Heidi revealed that bats are continuing to be slaughtered, some conservationist. Everything was so full of hypocrisy it could make anyone puke.

  8. A response to Mr. Weis’ comment “electricity has become just as, or if not more important than food”:
    “Ask the kids in Africa what is more important to them”….this just makes me sick.

    • Excepting IWTs don’t produce much electricity to begin with and then take up land that food can grow on. A bad bargain indeed. People can exist without electricity but not without food.
      Am begining to wonder where these people got their diplomas from.

  9. Nicole was on a power trip. To her surprise, when she said “jump”, no one asked “how high”.
    Earlier in the evening I had crossed the road to take a picture of the people in front of the Aeolian Hall. Nicole was in the doorway at the time. As I was leaving, she told me she noticed I was taking a picture of her earlier, in front of the hall and I was not to publish that without her permission. She likely could see from the look on my face she might as well be talking to the wall. She then said, “it would only be respectful to do so!” I told her not to worry, I would show her the same respect she showed me.
    Nicole needs to stay in Toronto.

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