Behind smiles, arrival of 2nd wind turbine tower manufacturer in Niagara worries Fort Erie mayor

John Robbins, Bullet News
It was mostly smiles and applause Tuesday as officials from a Chinese company announced details of their plans to spend $25 million and create up to 250 jobs by establishing a facility for manufacturing wind turbine towers in Thorold.

Federal, provincial and municipal politicians gathered at the former Dana Canada plant Tuesday morning for the official announcement by TSP Canada Towers Inc., whose officials praised all three levels of government for their encouragement and support leading up to the company’s decision to locate in Niagara.

But absent from the ranks of well-wishers was Fort Erie Mayor Doug Martin, who, although he was invited, decided not to attend the event. That’s because Martin has spent nearly a year worrying about the future of a similar turbine tower manufacturer in Fort Erie, DMI Industries, and wonders why the region and province would work to bring a competing company to Niagara at the risk of hurting an existing operation.

“This has a direct and negative impact on a company in Fort Erie,” Martin told Bullet News Tuesday afternoon.

“There’s only a limited number of these towers going up. We’re very concerned about the decision of the province and Niagara Economic Development (Corporation) to bring in direct competition,” the mayor added. While officials Tuesday said luring the Chinese company to Niagara was a two-year process, Martin said he only recently learned about it and by then it was a “done deal.” Read article

9 thoughts on “Behind smiles, arrival of 2nd wind turbine tower manufacturer in Niagara worries Fort Erie mayor

    • You are so right! In Niagara we have a bunch of politicians who could not care less about their constituents but are only interested in attracting what they claim is economic progress when the rest of the world is trying to opt out of wind energy.
      McGuinty will be shown to be the failure he is. I find it surprising that here in the Niagara Region we have Regional Councilors so incompetent they can’t wait to outdo McGuinty in his failure……………
      Andrew Watts

      • I think it would be a dead heat between Niagara’s council and Hewitt and his council from Haldimand. Little over 2 years until municipal elections.

      • Top Renergy Inc., Vancouver
        Use Government Registry Page
        Annual Filings for 2011 & 2012 are overdue
        Appears to be a Chinese company set up in BC
        TSP Canada Towers Inc. is a joint venture with Top Renergy Inc. TSP is a subsidiary of Shanghai Taisheng Wind Power Equipment Co.

      • Appears a company can come into Ontario and no one checks to see if a particular company is in compliance with Canadian laws or regulations?

      • Industry Canada issues the certificates of incorporation. See their wesite.
        Top Renergy Inc. certificate of incorporation #750856-5 was issued 2010-03-25 for BC.
        So far no website located for this company. Top Renergy Inc. to spend C$25M in Ontario but the company can’t be located online? Only 2 yrs incorporated in Canada?
        The certificate of incorporation will have some of the company details if it can be obtained and if anyone is interested.

      • A very large Chinese company,TSP Canada Towers Inc., has now entered the Ontario IWT manufacturing sector.Look what happened to German solar panel production and domestic sales after China entered the German market.

    • When government subsidies dry up the demand for IWTs goes down as this industry can’t make it on its own without governmnet money.
      The idea here/Canada is to force or create a demand for IWTs through government actions. So government sends out signals to manufacturers to come here as the money will be there for them.

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