Enviro-charity promises openness, avoids media

by Daniel Proussalidis, Sun Media
OTTAWA – Tides Canada, which funds environmental and social causes, has gone on a charm offensive as Canada Revenue Agency audits it and the feds crack down on charities that are overly political. “We have absolutely nothing to hide and we’re profoundly proud of the work that we’re doing,” Tides Canada president Ross McMillan said in a Toronto speech Wednesday, though his openness didn’t include meeting the media afterward.

In his speech, McMillan tried to counter accusations Tides Canada is too political by using money from foreign foundations to fund anti-oilsands activists. McMillan said he’s seen “absolutely no evidence” his group is political, even while backing federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair’s claims that Alberta’s energy industry is a drain on Canada’s economy and praising Alberta Premier Alison Redford’s Canadian Energy Strategy.

He also highlighted Tides Canada’s social justice funding and released new detail on millions of dollars from American foundations for salmon and forest conservation in B.C., not anti-oilsands activism.

Still, critics were unimpressed. “They seem to think they can fool Canada by giving cherry-picked information,” researcher and blogger Vivian Krause said. Read article

4 thoughts on “Enviro-charity promises openness, avoids media

  1. Fellow Canadians,

    As you may or may not be aware the Ontario Provincial Liberal Government has been funneling money into so-called environmental groups. These groups then use their resources to promote the Liberal Party’s agendas. As well they often campaign for the Liberal Party during elections. This is called partisan politics. Under Canadian Federal law it is illegal for registered charities to participate in partisan politics.

    These types of environmental groups are all across Canada and are doing many things that are outright illegal or extremely questionable.

    Many of these environmental groups are also promoting wind turbines along with the Ontario Liberal government.

    The Sun Media is currently giving a great deal of coverage to this issue. And the Federal Government is attempting to clamp down on these illegal practices.

    Please send a letter to the Federal Minister of Revenue, The Honourable Gail Shea,
    Contact page:

    All you need to send is one or two short sentences just to let them know the public supports this, a couple of examples at the bottom.

    If you wish write more that is great.

    This is NOT an attack against legitimate law abiding registered charities, which the vast majority is.

    Please make use of this and pass it along to others.

    “It is illegal for charities in Canada to participate in partisan political activities. Please start enforcing this law.”

    “When charities do partisan political work, they STOP being charities. They also violate charities law; which prohibits charities from engaging in partisan political activity.

    Why should taxpayers subsidize the political agenda of radical environmental groups? It’s time to put an end to this.

    Please do the right thing.”

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