Pembina Institute boycotted in Chatham

Ed. Note: There was a general boycott of the Chatham Pembina Institute meeting, as the London venue on the previous night was not allowing those who were present to speak. If they did, security and police were called in to remove them. How’s that for freedom of speech??

Albertan co-exists with industrial wind farm
By Blair Andrews, Chatham Daily News
Emotions remained calm as 20 people turned out for a wind turbine meeting in Chatham Wednesday night. Despite the low attendance, the event still produced some thoughtful exchanges on the controversial renewable energy source.

The meeting, held at the Sunset Lounge (the former CAW Hall), was organized by the Pembina Institute of Alberta. It was the third of three meetings held this week, following sessions in Grand Bend and London.

During the meeting Heidi Eijgel, a rancher from Pincher Creek, Alta., shared her experience of living next to Canada’s first commercial wind farm for more than a decade. Read article

14 thoughts on “Pembina Institute boycotted in Chatham

  1. Why are people involved with IWTs still so lacking in the basic science of IWTs? There is not enough energy in wind to bother using it as a souce to generate electricity. If IWTs were useful as electricity producers they would have been used a long time ago. This information has been posted and circulated many times in Ontario.Are people too lazy to look this information up or do they just accept the word of the present government and IWT developers?
    However, many people did manage to get through their education without taking any hard work math & science subjects so now they have nothing to fall back on when needed most. Now at the mercy of con artists.

  2. You are absolutely right Barbara; people in general do accept the word of the government (because they don’t know any better), they are lazy, they think someone else will look after it and…people don’t care about other people enough to help and support them. Our society is one I am not proud of. We need to raise our standards; and people need to be held accountable.
    Our education system is not doing the young people any favors.

    • Now the situation is that businesses have and are forming symbiotic relationships with environmental groups for their mutual benefit.

      • According to the rumours:
        You can improve your life – and if you are not completely delighted
        you can still improve your life –
        ……………….free desserts for participants!

    • This Clean Energy Taks Force list includes David Timm (IPC), Tim Weis (Pembina), Rick Smith (Environmental Defence) etc… wow. So maybe they should balanced it out with some people who live in reality- Tom Adams, Scott Petrie, Bill Palmer… WHY NOT? A completely biased con by our Liberal gov’t again. Will the Conservatives please jump on this???

      • Include: Ontario, Office of The Premier
        Premier’s Climate Change Advisory Panel (PCCAP) Includes:
        Vicky Sharpe
        Nicholas Parker
        Compare this with this information:
        Wealth Minerals Ltd., Vancouver
        Board includes Maurice Strong with his connections which include:
        George Ross, The Ontario Capital Growth Corp.
        Vicky Sharpe, Sustainable Development Technology Canada
        Nicholas Parker, Cleantech Group LLC
        Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Atomic Energy Of Canada Ltd.
        Rajendra Pachauri, Glori Energy Inc.
        Michael Polsky, Invenergy
        Douglas T. Wright, Research In Motion
        With the Task Force and PCCAP taken togther there is a clearer picture of what’s taking place in Ontario.

      • Love is in the air!

        How ‘lavish’ are Liberals?
        They have 630 boards and committee’s – directing Ontario
        The government has every angle covered.
        Got questions?
        How many of them eat – ‘fresh vegetables?

  3. I’ve always said it’s easy to follow the rules when you get to write them
    “David Timm
    David is the Vice President of Strategic Affairs at International Power Canada. Prior to joining International Power he served as the Ontario Policy Manager with the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) where he was responsible for provincial policy development in Ontario. Within International Power he is responsible for government relations and regulatory affairs including public policy development and regulation monitoring, stakeholder relations, issues management and communications. David brings a wealth of direct experience with technical management, financial planning, project development, and policy development.

    Currently, David serves as the Board Chair of the Canadian Wind Energy Association and is an active member of the APPrO Renewables Caucus.

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