A pair of wind farm projects proposed

by James Greensmith, Bayshore Broadcasting
A pair of wind farm projects are in the works for Grey Highlands, but residents and developers are at odds over the proposal. The Zero Emission People want to build two separate 10 Megawatt wind farms, with a cluster of five turbines at each site. The first is called the Skyway 125 Wind Farm Project — located on privately owned farmland near Maxwell and Feversham. The second development is the Skyway 126 Cloudy Ridge Project near Badjeros in Grey Highlands.

Dozens of people attended a public meeting in Feversham Wednesday, where the developers were on hand to offer information and answer questions. Project Manager Bill York says they’re currently in the process of conducting environmental studies on at risk and amphibious species. York admits he has gotten a few calls from residents concerned with health issues, loss of property values and the location of the turbines. But he notes there is scientific evidence indicating there are no adverse health effects from wind turbines, and property values can actually increase because of the added revenue from hosting a turbine on your property.

However, those answers don’t satisfy Grey Highlands resident Lorrie Gillis. Gillis says she hasn’t seen any evidence from the developers that back-up their claims, and some real estate agents have told her there is an automatic decrease in property value if a turbine is even within sight of a home. She adds the open house seems like every other windfarm proposal – a bunch of posterboards set up in a room, and no one around to answer the serious questions. Read article

3 thoughts on “A pair of wind farm projects proposed

  1. We need to change the point…scientific evidence…or factual evidence? Which is more credible? There’s no scientific evidence that people have abandoned their homes…that is true. The fact these people live somewhere else…is fact. You don’t need science to illustrate the obvious…just a map and a scale to measure how many kilometers away the new residence is…so you can stuff that up your scientific equation!

    • We also need to change our status from being a corporate citizen being played like a baby who needs bureaucrats as parents to know what we need to take down our throats or be who we are really truly are suppose to be man or man created as woman and see what happens then if you truly know who you are. I for one get sick and tired of being bullied and charged for things that ruin my peace here on earth. Bureaucrats and corporate parasites are running around being our wicked drunken mommy and stealing our paper route earnings to party with and top it off making us ill. Cheers and have a great weekend

  2. Project manager Bill York’s statement to the effect that ” there is scientific evidence indicating that there are no adverse health effects ” is incredibly stupid. Imagine someone saying that there is no scientific evidence for intelligent life in the universe other than on earth. Agreed! Now turn it around and say that there is scientific evidence that there is no intelligent life in the universe. That is patently ridiculous. Meanwhile there is no evidence that Mr.Smith is capable of understanding this.

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