Alberta rancher told she was not welcome in Ontario

By Lynda Hillman-Rapley, Lakeshore Advance
(excerpt) —  Schmidt again went to the microphone and tearfully said to Eijgel. “When you speak to groups about how wonderful wind turbines are, you are victimizing people like me. I beg you not to do this (speak to groups) again. Please stop what you are doing,” she pleaded.

People came to the microphone, to talk about neighbours who can’t live in their own homes because of health effects. “You probably came here with good intensions, but you shouldn’t be here. Listen to us when we say, there is nothing you can do for us because no one is listening. This government doesn’t give a rat’s ass about us,” said a man who left in frustration.

Probably the most emotional statement came from Sarah Hornblower, a mother of seven who has three children with autism. She said there are plans to build 154 turbines around her home on Jericho Road in Lambton Shores. She says even the wind companies are saying turbines can affect people who are autistic but they will not return her calls. “What can I do as a mother,” she asked with tears running down her face, “What am I supposed to do?” She said there is no support within the school system for her children yet there is money in the province for turbines. Weis gave Sarah his business card and said he would make some calls for her. Read article

8 thoughts on “Alberta rancher told she was not welcome in Ontario

  1. For a think tank, Pembina sure doesn’t do too much thinking. The wind turbines at Pincher Creek are overgrown farm windmills. They have a 24.5 m latice tower with a 33 m diameter rotor and an output of 375 kW.

    The larger the wind turbine the lower the frequency will be of the noise generated, causing more health problems. Tesitng at wind farms in the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia has shown that the low frequency noise becomes louder in the home than outside.

    • But the “devil” is always in the details. You had to go back and dig out the true story so people can understand the whole situation. Thanks!

  2. Pembina, funded by the government of Ontario, sent Heidi to Ontario to convince people that turbines are wonderful and the anti-wind people are a bunch of radical country folk.
    The government and Pembina, are aware of the harm caused by IWTs-illness resulting in death being the worst; yet, they continue to ignore this and continue to hurt the people of Ontario. Killing people is a crime is it not?

    • Fiona…. “Killing people” used to be a “crime”. It appears it’s not anymore….. at least not when “Green Energy” is the goal! Apparently, killing people s-l-o-w-l-y by subjecting them to Industrial Wind “Parks” is ok! For me, killing people at ANY pace is not justifiable regardless of motive! We do it to the unborn and some would like to do it to the aged. Mr. McGuinty & Ms. Horwath simply confine their onslaught to the rural inhabitants of this province! People in the GTA are too far removed from the situation to give a rat’s rear end!! You won’t hear from them until their electricity bills become onerous…. and maybe not even THEN! “Go GREEN, whatever the cost”! is their mantra!

  3. If Heidi Eijgel loves wind turbines so damn much maybe she should buy a cheap home near these monstrosities that is already abandoned and going cheap!
    In other words Heidi…put your money where your mouth is or get out of our Province you wind bag!

    • Zoom in!
      ‘[excerpt] Interrupted throughout her speech, Eijgel said this was her story, her experience. She said she wants green energy and not “gas powered anything.”’

      Basically – she understands – nothing………
      …….about Ontario!

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