Final turbine meeting gets noisy: Opponents bang pots and pans in ‘casserole orchestra’ protest

by Amanda Moore, Niagara This Week
By fall 2013, the landscape of Caistor Centre could drastically change — if the government approves a proposal by the owners of the HAF wind energy project.

The owners of the project — a consortium made up of IPC Energy, Rankin Construction and Wainfleet Wind Energy — held their final public open house Tuesday, part of the Ontario government’s renewable energy approvals process for green energy projects. And while project manager Tom Lewis says there is support for the project in the community, there were more critics than supporters at Tuesday’s open house at the Caistor Community Centre.

One man, who did not want to share his name, said he will be able to see all five of the turbines from his back window, a view he didn’t have in mind when he purchased his wife’s family farm five years ago. “I had no idea I’d be able to see all five,” said the man. “I came out here for the peace and quiet. I can see all kinds of wildlife from my backyard — deer, coyotes, all kinds. And now I am going to see these big towers.” The man was able to better visualize just how tall those turbines will be thanks to a public awareness campaign launched Saturday by the West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group, a citizen’s group which opposes wind energy.

This past Saturday, the group raised several weather balloons to the height of the proposed wind turbines, to provide a sense of scale for the size of the storeys-high towers. The wind turbines to be installed across the municipality will be as tall as 145 metres. WLWAG is calling the campaign “Look Up, Wake Up.” Read article

9 thoughts on “Final turbine meeting gets noisy: Opponents bang pots and pans in ‘casserole orchestra’ protest

  1. IWT developers are hiding behind “climate change” but when those like Rajendrs Pachauri are making money off from high oil prices and have connections to the big wind and solar developers then it’s time to inform the general public about this kind of deciet.

  2. If those turbines were being scoped 5 years ago, the real estate agent should have notified the person before they purchased their land. Any land deals in wind project areas where land is being leased should be required to full disclose, that there is a potential for a wind project. You have to disclose mold, lead, etc, isn’t the fact you will be near industrial wind turbines just as important to be notified.

    • Hey jannie,
      I doubt a real estate agent was involved in this particular transaction.
      Aaaaah – it’s fam –
      ‘[excerpt] ……a view he didn’t have in mind when he purchased his wife’s family farm five years ago. “I had no idea I’d be able to see all five,” said the man. “

      The unbelievable has happened.

  3. Oh, yes, I see it must have bee a family transfer.. Too bad, might have been someone to sue. I’m not sure that all real estate agent disclose about the wind projects when people are looking. I know they didn’t in our area — maybe they do know as we have been notifiing real estate agents they should be disclosing that information.

    • It’s only recently that disclosure is required. With gag orders how can an agent find out about IWT placements? If you are the party selling you have to disclose but likely you won’t know what your neighbour has planned. All the agent can do now it to disclose that there are IWTs planned for the area but where they will be located may be unknown.

  4. Guys! Why do you all continue to post comments that actually imply the wind energy companies give a damn?
    Our rural communities are being attacked by people who just don’t care because they see huge guaranteed profits, subsidised by your taxes, guaranteed by a corrupt provincial government who care even less.
    The Municipal Act still gives local municipalities powers they haven’t yet tried!
    That’s who you should be motivating!
    More and more Bylaws, Safe Set Backs, Development Fees per IWT, Building Permit Fees, Impose restrictions on blade flicker, any and all those and more, then get them to enforce them.
    We can continue to seek funding for private actions that have only succeeded in reducing folks ability to donate and without any successful conclusion! It doesn’t make sense.
    Elected Councils can also only fight on our tax dollars but if they don’t the communities not yet infected by IWTs will inevitably suffer the same fate those that those already infected are experiencing.
    Local municipalities do have authority under the Municipal Act, particularly with regard to Public Health and Property Values.
    We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.
    Motivate all you local municipalities to be a part of the local wind action group and fight!
    We have absolutely nothing to lose! Any local municipality made bankrupt by courts supporting the wind energy companies can be no worse than our own personal bankruptcy if these monstrosities ever appear in our communities!

    • Hey Andrew Watts,
      I agree with you – on many of your points.
      so far – our democratically elected councils have gotten a ‘free pass’;
      citizens continue to attend
      Ontario Power Authority (OPA) –
      Public Information Centre’s (PIC’s)
      that only push the proponent forward – in the supposed
      process –
      and, then they (proponent) say –
      they have addressed the concerns of the community.

      Councils, and other self serving politicians hide behind closed doors – praying
      citizens will not catch on.

      Till now – it has worked!
      I don’t see 500 citizens showing up @ council meetings –
      demanding action!
      Do you?

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