Monks selling retreat at Ae forest because of wind development

by Jackie Grant, Dumfries Standard
Read: Tharpaland Research
Buddhist monks are selling their spiritual retreat in the forest of Ae because they can’t live near a windfarm. Scottish Power, which has lodged plans to extend the Harestanes development with a further 19, 125-foot turbines, said it was close to finalising a buy-out deal with the Tharpaland monks. Concerned monks submitted evidence to a Scottish parliamentary inquiry into the government’s renewable energy plans, claiming they suffered serious side effects when they were praying within five miles of a windfarm. They say these included: pain in the head and chest, heart palpitations, dizziness, dry retching, anger, heightened emotions and crying.

Tharpaland is Britain’s only international retreat centre of a popular and growing branch of Buddhism known as the New Kadampa Tradition. It was founded in 1985 and attracts thousands of people from all over the world. In their evidence, the monks said: “As Buddhists, we cherish the natural environment and all who live in it and are committed to the development of clean and sustainable forms of energy and are therefore not opposed in principle to the development of windfarms.

“However, in March 2003, following news of a proposal to build a massive windfarm in the Forest of Ae, Tharpaland set about assessing the wider implications this would have on the centre’s ability to provide suitable conditions for meditative retreat, if the windfarm was approved.

“The findings of these studies were so surprisingly negative and adverse that there was little room for doubt that the proposed windfarm, if approved, would force Tharpaland to close. Read article

9 thoughts on “Monks selling retreat at Ae forest because of wind development

  1. The parasites acquire more land to plunder the taxpayers to cripple them more for there so called green energy scams. Push out men and women for total control of land resources in the name of money and control

  2. Nothing is “sacred” to these sleaze artists!…………..they couldn’t give a tinker’s damn about who or what the destroy with their Fraudulent Wind Development.As long as their bank accounts are loaded with tax payers money they will stop at nothing to ensure their SCAM lives on!
    We have to start calling this for what it is…………a “massive ‘Fraud to Swindle money’ from honest hard working Citizen’s pockets”!

  3. Well isn’t that just terrific: Monks, with their heads up their collective cossacks, support industrial wind turbines until the devil comes to their doorway … now it’s NIMBY time, but oh wait, they are being paid off / bought out, so now they can bless their neighbouring property owners with the curse of IWTs … whilst they slink off into the night to the mournful sounds of a gregorian chant, to their new promised land …

      • Google seems to disagree about who chants and who doesn’t … but either way, myopia and the almighty dollar reign supreme …

      • Chants yes but Gregorian no. Google dosen’t always get things right. Anyway it’s the money that matters here.

  4. The Monks tried their very best to fight on behalf of the Scottish people to make their research known to the Scottish Government and the wind-developers…however, big business, money and politics means the ordinary person has no say in regard to these industrial wind farms being built on our precious land. The Monks had no choice but to sell up and move on…nobody would buy their property because of the industrial wind farm! The value of their property fell, there are going to be 71 giant turbines built in the area, ripping up the countryside, installing tar and concrete roads, filling the land with tons of concrete to build turbines which kill birds, harm the health of people and animals alike, for what? …a flawed technology! The developers are only in it for the money, remove the subsidies and they will pack their bags and leave overnight. The Scottish landscape is being destroyed by these money-vultures! Good luck Ontario with your resistance…we are campaigning over here as well.

    • Thanks for the “real” information you have provided. Here our UK IWT news is from the press so some informtion gets left out.

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