NextEra moves boundaries of Jericho wind farm back to Warwick, raising suspicion

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When people in Lambton County get their next look at NextEra’s Jericho Wind Energy Center, it’s going to look a little different. And that’s raising the suspicions of wind activist fighting the project.  The company has been working on a 92-turbine wind project in Lambton Shores since 2006. But company spokesperson Josie Hernandez says NextEra has decided to broaden the land base it is studying to include parts of Warwick Township to the Egermont Road and into North Middlesex.

Hernandez says the original draft of the project included the lands, but through the years the company “thought, let’s kind of condense it. But our goal is to ensure we have enough space so we can place those turbines in the right place.” Hernandez says the company won’t be expanding the project since its contract with the Ontario Power Authority is for 150 megawatts which can be powered with the 92 turbines. Hernandez says NextEra is holding a public meeting in Watford’s Centennial Hall to talk about the changes and to hear from neighbours also.

Hernandez says landowners in the area often provide the company with important information about area wildlife and habitat. “For example someone could say ‘tundra swans stop in my in the backyard’ …that gives our biologist a chance to go out there to study the bird migration,” she says. Read article

1 thought on “NextEra moves boundaries of Jericho wind farm back to Warwick, raising suspicion

  1. With no watchdog – watching!
    They implement Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development

    NextEra having fun in the countryside – this playmate is dangerous,
    with sharp teeth –
    what community will host the next ‘gas plant’ ?-

    Sarnia – we already know Enbridge sits @ the gate.
    Blackstones’ – Sithe Global lost that prize, but, still positioning for a bigger prize.

    Northland Power hungry for more – asks for ‘right to expropriate’!

    McGuinty dreams in colour – not on this planet!

    Am I wrong?

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