Bluewater sends strong No Turbine message to MOE & McGuinty

Thank you Bluewater Council for your hours of work! Thank you for all of the meetings you held allowing us to speak our minds and sometimes vent our frustrations! Thank you for listening  to the majority of your residents! Most of all thank you for sending a strong message to the Ministry and Mr. McGuinty by passing the draft REA in its entirety last night during your council meeting.
Bluewater’s Renewable Energy Approval Consultation Form
You have sent a strong message to McGuinty stating emphatically Bluewater is officially opposed to wind turbines.
Bluewater Against Turbines (BAT)

4 thoughts on “Bluewater sends strong No Turbine message to MOE & McGuinty

  1. Congrats to Dave and to all BAT members – especially those who were able to attend the Council meetings to exert influence and voice our concerns. This would not have happened without you!

    Of course, the fight is far from over; but, ya gotta win battles to win wars!

  2. Most Councils have sold out their electorate and are as deceitful as the “provincial masters” who have their reps inside Council chambers across Ontario. A few such as Bluewater are still honourable and doing what they were elected for: to represent the PEOPLE, not the criminals!
    WE are the paymasters for the sleazy and corrupt Councilors who act to ruin our homes and lands and until the majority of Ontarians realize that OUR $$$ are being used against us, the Wind terror will never end!

    • Developers come into communities and sell the local councils and Chambers of Commerce a bill of goods with claims of how good renewable enrgy projects will be for the community but never disclose the bad effects these projects will have on local communities. This is the fraud part. Then permits are needed to build these projects so this is where corruption can enter this whole process.

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