Samsung, Confederacy sign agreement to talk on $1 billion energy park

By Donna Duric, Turtle Island News
The Confederacy Council has signed a historic negotiation agreement with Samsung executives to discuss the building of a $1 billion energy park on Six Nations lands. The Confederacy signing comes on the heels of the community learning Six Nations Band Council had signed an agreement with Samsung to stop Six Nations people from protesting. A section of the band agreement between the elected council and Samsung asks that the elected council take “all reasonable actions within its power and authority to ensure” that Six Nations people, including the Confederacy Council and HDI, do not engage in any action that could impede the project from going forward. For entire story, click here.

Two Samsung agreements of course…it’s Six Nations

Six Nations appears to be a part owner in the massive $1 billion Green Energy power project slated for its unceded lands between Hagersville and Cayuga. Six Nations Band Council signed an agreement with the Korean giant Samsung that appears to give Six Nations a megre 10 per cent equity holding in a company band council’s negotiators told us will bring millions for Samsung. For entire story, click here.

11 thoughts on “Samsung, Confederacy sign agreement to talk on $1 billion energy park

  1. Hmmm………..shades of the past…………..written agreements between foreign interlopers that are supposed to be respected because they are on paper. RIGHT!… did that work out back in the 1800’s when Native Lands were forked over to Europeans who promised trinkets and alcohol and delivered blankets full of small pox!

    • Would be nice to be able to read the whole article without subscribing to Turtle Island News!

      • Sounds like it’s an agreement to talk about a $1B energy park. Not a done deal yet?

      • you can buy the local paper at the IGA in Hagersville and other outlets (also the “Teka” is another local paper with a different slant about the affairs)

  2. Thankfully there is Bill Monture and his “brothers” who are committed to having their voice heard by both the Tribunal AND their fellow First Nations people. The Samsung “deal” is NOT a “done deal” as the other Bill Montour would have us all believe. The elected chief (Bill Montour) can sign all the papers Samsung requests but he CANNOT guarantee compliance by the majority of the people of Six Nations and he cannot guarantee an end to protests by the people (regardless of ancestry) who disagree with this “sell-out”. Thankfully there are still some things money can’t buy such as a wide-spread willingness to give up the environment for the sake of the “environment” (as defined by Dalton McGuinty and his compatriots).

  3. Appearances are everything!
    Climate Change – U.N.’s $20.00 suit – starved for info

    Sustainable Development – gathering info – to screw you later!

    ‘[excerpt] Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, for engaging with First Nations leaders and communities in gathering information regarding food security particularly in northern communities.

    “ With the environmental impacts of climate change and the challenges of access to nutritious foods in northern and remote communities, First Nations must be fully involved and supported in formulating solutions to protect our traditional foods and secure affordable access to nutritious foods,” said AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo.’

    I heard the U.N. was moving to China!

    • ‘[excerpt] Assembly of First Nations Welcomes UN Recommendations on the Right to Food, Access and Food Security for First Nations’

      Before you get involved – what do you know about the United Nations, and its present role in the world – today?

    • A UN move to China can’t happen soon enough. The whole thing should be bulldozed into the East River today! This organization has gone way beyond its original madates.

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