NextEra moves boundaries of Jericho wind farm back to Warwick, raising suspicion

WARWICK – When people in Lambton County get their next look at NextEra’s Jericho Wind Energy Center, it’s going to look a little different. And that’s raising the suspicions of wind activist fighting the project.

The company has been working on a 92-turbine wind project in Lambton Shores since 2006. But company spokesperson Josie Hernandez says NextEra has decided to broaden the land base it is studying to include parts of Warwick Township to the Egermont Road and into North Middlesex.

Hernandez says the original draft of the project included the lands, but through the years the company “thought, let’s kind of condense it. But our goal is to ensure we have enough space so we can place those turbines in the right place.” Hernandez says the company won’t be expanding the project since its contract with the Ontario Power Authority is for 150 megawatts which can be powered with the 92 turbines. Read article

18 thoughts on “NextEra moves boundaries of Jericho wind farm back to Warwick, raising suspicion

  1. Hernandez says landowners in the area often provide the company with important information about area wildlife and habitat. “For example someone could say ‘tundra swans stop in my in the backyard’ …that gives our biologist a chance to go out there to study the bird migration,”

    Okay Herandez, landowners explain to you about wildlife and tundra swans then you send out “your” biologist to check it out. Trundra swans only come out certain time of the year so you send off your biologist to witness this? secondly this biologist is one of your own stooges? And did the wind companies not do proper studies on proof line Wind Farms in Forest?,No study on Tundra swans here before erecting the turbines as we do have them in this particular area. Makes no sense . Maybe Wind companies own biologist only come out to witness migrating birds in the area come at the wrong timing. Really we cannot count on your biologist. Listen to all the landowners neighbours if you really care to listen,GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COMMUNITY AS THE MAJORITY OF US DO NOT WANT YOU HERE.

  2. These wind companies have an absolute “free hand” to ruin destroy and kill anything they want with their plans, all thanks to our Premier Dad who is the worst Premier Ontario has ever suffered through.
    Ontario is worse than the Wild West of yesteryear as back in the days of the Wild West if someone came onto your land to harm you, you could actually protect yourself and your family with any means available. Nowadays one has to sit inside their ruined homes and watch criminals run roughshod over your lives with Zero consequences!

  3. Government Hookery!
    @ the local level –
    suckin’ on lolly-pops – playing with ‘free’ lap-tops.

    It’s free they say!

  4. Rural Ontarians don’t have to sit here and take this if they want to take action.
    IWT and solar construction projects are very similar to anyother construction projects in that they need permits to be built. It’s in the permiting process that corruption can take place. So all of the permitting processes will have to be reviewed for anything wrong. Those projects already up and running already can have done deeds. Those that are a still a work-in-progress are not done deals yet but useful information can also be gathered there as well.
    Do not confuse the permitting process with the manner in which the developers were chosen as to which could get contracts. These are/were different issues.
    There are other aspects of any construction projects where corruption can occur but not as easy to get at.

    • Keep your eye on Northland Power –
      a move like no other……………..
      asking the Ontario Energy Board – to approve
      ‘right to expropriate’ – private land
      will open floodgate to other privateers.

      We ain’t seen nothing yet!

      • A plan sitting on the shelf – shows its ugly side
        It penetrates deep into the loins –
        powerful and deranged.

        Risky business – quietly moving along.

  5. There is really no legal way left to prevent the forward momentum of the wind and solar companies. Major the road blocks have been removed or reduced to window dressing by the GEA and the passing of Budget Bill. Local governance had their teeth removed by the GEA and are now left with only trying to gum away at resisting. There’s so much potential money involved no matter what the cost of the permitting processes is, be it legitimate or corrupt, to these companies it will be like a swatting flees. No matter what the consequence are, be they health or environmental these companies “just don’t care”. It’s simply about the money. Sorry to say, but shy of civil disobedience, this colossal fraud will just keep moving along till those monies run out. McGuintys assimilation of Ontarians to third world status simply goes on.

    • Hey Jack,
      you say –
      ‘Local governance had their teeth removed by the GEA and are now left with only trying to gum away at resisting.’

      My head is spinning – it must be the glare of the darkness
      Who’s left in the room?

    • Federal money was used in some of the IWT projects. Corruption convictions can carry with them jail sentences. So any corruption involving IWTs is a very serious matter. What is needed are any records in the permitting process which indicate something wrong in this process for any particular project.

      • Hey Barbara,
        Municipalities have a ‘small advantage’ –
        the proponents application is never complete – until the municipality says,
        ‘its a complete application’ –
        So – what constitutes ‘a complete application’?
        – when the whole process is flawed………………’miracles’?

        It’s like a dog burying a bone – only to find it later
        or maybe not!
        It’s a missed thought!

      • The problem lies with firstly; obtaining any of these kinds of records secondly; knowing what to ask for and thirdly; actually being able to interpreting them. Like you, I also suspect that with the enormous sums of monies involved there have been folks that have taken advantage and helped themselves. I’m no legal beagle but I’d bet the devils not necessarily in the legality or details of the contracts but in “how” it found its way through the system. There is a vast difference in a crime of omission, where something gets accidently overlooked and the crime of commission where it done on purpose for personal gain. The problem is how does one tell the difference, just looking at the contract. Need to follow the graft, which unfortunately unless it’s very obvious, is difficult for the average person to do.

    • Right Jack, but what is needed is the information that something is wrong and where this is. It dosen’t have to be in the whole permitting process as wrong parts can corrupt the whole process. Get enough information to establish probable cause and then it’s up to feds to continue the probe. Feds won’t come looking for this information.
      Don’t confuse fraud with corruption but corruption and fraud often are found together.
      There is a paper trail of company connections also involved here so both together is a stronger case.

      • Hey Barbara and Jack,
        Crony capitalism – always leads to corruption, and failure.

        Let’s simplify the question.

        What is the role of municipal council?
        Citizens vote for their favourite’s –
        expecting councillors – will act in
        good faith and conscience.

        Did they completely forget?

        I like order – there’s no excuse for stupidity.
        Do we have an argument?

      • No argument about the role councils are supposed to play but if rural Ontarians want to get things done they better do it themselves this time around.
        There are people who have spent lots of time dealing with these REAs and etc. so they should know where things are not right. This does not mean omission or comission which is for the appropriate authorities to determine. Sometimes omissions are wrong too.
        Plenty of federal money is involved in some these IWT projects and if anyting is wrong it should be dealt with and the sooner the better.

      • Does anyone really believe that councils like C-K would do anything anyway?

      • I can appreciate that there is a need to find that dangling thread that unravels the dishonesty we seek. I’m not well enough versed on the processes of Municipal Governance to be able to know or determine if there was something actually done out of order. I do know that fraud is determined by our legal system and all we can say is there appears to be some kind of misrepresentation or falsification of process. Corruption is generally not the function of one individual it requires collusion of more than one person. It’s therefore just my opinion if there is corruption in the functioning of a Municipal Government there would need more than one individual involved. Usually this leads to that dangling thread I eluded to earlier because there’s a falling out among the thieves. Any way I do have some connections and will continue to look for that thread, as well as try to update my understanding of the Municipal Act. But right now it’s hot and I’m thirsty so it’s off to the fridge for a beverage.
        Note: Wind Turbines running at about 13% of compactly today (no wind), some coal fired plants were going full out. So much for saving our environment and air quality today. Sigh.

    • The fraud and corruption issues that rural Ontarians would be concerned with is at the provincial level. This is where the big money comes into play but there could also be more issues at the municipal level as well and some have alredy surfaced in some places.

      • Something wrong in the process of awarding FIT contracts combined with insider connections can be a good indication that corruption and or fraud could be involved.

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