Pembina Tim Weis & Heidi Eijgel: Sacrifice Rural Ontario for Wind Turbines

In London, Ontario the Pembina Institute thought that Tim Weis & Heidi Eijgel could help sway the local opinion of Industrial Wind Turbines in our community. They were wrong. At the front door we were checked for paper — yes, any anti-turbine flyers were not permitted, and you would be charged with trespassing by any of the numerous police present that night if you took a piece of paper in. So the objective of the night was to provide the pro-wind side to whoever walked in, and any information that did not fit that bill would be removed, even testimonies from those who live with turbines in ONTARIO, were told to just write their questions on a comment card – they will not be allowed to speak at all. So we sat and listened to a woman from ALBERTA tell us how we should all get involved in the process (I know, like how much more involved should we get?) so that we can help with the decision making. It seems to me that she hasn’t met the Green Energy Act in her province yet, where all input from local communities is removed.

9 thoughts on “Pembina Tim Weis & Heidi Eijgel: Sacrifice Rural Ontario for Wind Turbines

  1. “by any of the numerous police present that night if you took a piece of paper in.”

    It’s sickening to watch crony capitalism suck in the police force and the power of the state, isn’t it?
    Regardless of the outcome of the wind turbine issue, this will forever affect my opinion and respect for those who wear the badge. Are they really there to serve and protect? Or does that just apply to specific groups, those with political influence.

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  3. How about the part where she admits the bat kill rate as high and they mitigated it to just 40% of those killed. She felt good about that, thought it quite acceptable. I can’t believe she considers herself a conservationist.

  4. Wonder how much electricity was generated by the wonderful turbines near Heidi’s ranch? ‘Cause they are like so reliable ya know.

    Alberta hit by rolling blackouts as hot weather takes toll on power grid

    The Canadian Press, National Post
    Monday, Jul. 9, 2012

    EDMONTON — Electric utilities across Alberta say they’ve instituted rotating blackouts to deal with increased demand caused by high temperatures.

    Tim LeRiche, a spokesman Epcor Power, which provides electricity for Edmonton, says the agency that oversees electricity distribution in the province has issued a directive for utilities to reduce consumption.

    LeRiche says the blackouts in Edmonton have already started. He says each blackout will last about an hour, and he has no idea how long they’ll continue.

    Calgary and Lethbridge have also instituted rolling blackouts.

    No one with the Alberta Electric System Operator could be reached for comment.

    A news release issued by the agency on Monday afternoon urged Albertans to conserve power, and said that there is difficulty dealing with enough power to supply the grid.

    “Higher than average temperatures have pushed the demand for electricity in Alberta to record highs and some generation is unable to supply energy to the grid,” the news release states.

    “The hot and humid weather has increased demand for electricity primarily due to the higher use of air conditioning and irrigation systems.”

    The release does not mention blackouts. It says people should continue to reduce power consumption until 6 p.m. Monday.

    LeRiche noted that drivers needed to be careful as traffic lights were out in some parts of Edmonton.

    “If there are lights in the house that shouldn’t be on, turn them off. If there are jobs that require electricity that can be done later, delay it. Every little bit helps,” LeRiche said.

    Both Edmonton and Calgary recorded temperatures in the low 30s on Monday afternoon.

    The City of Lethbridge issued a news release Monday stating that it, too, had been informed by the AESO that it must reduce consumption in order to avoid overloading the provincial grid.

    It said it began rotating outages at 3 p.m. and would continue to work with the province to restore power as quickly as possible.

    A spokesperson for Enmax, which supplies electricity in Calgary, said the utility would try to avoid implementing blackouts in areas with hospitals, as well as the Calgary Stampede.

    Officials in Medicine Hat, meanwhile, said Monday that the city was isolated from the grid, meaning the situation was stable. City spokesman Wilbur McLean said the city was even managing to export electricity to other centres.

    The Canadian Press

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  5. Heidi seems like a very nice woman who has been asked to do something for which she is soooo out of her depth…. plus you know she is outrageously misguided when essentially her whole raison d’etre seems to be based on “we are doing it for the future” when she can’t offer a shred of how the nebulous character know as the Future benefits at all. I wonder what they paid her to be there to dribble out that drivel. As for Tim Weiss….. that was one of the most pathetic displays of ineptitude that I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Even though he and I would be on totally opposite sides of the spectrum, it was painful to watch.

    Also, it’s a very telling state of affairs of how this great country has fallen apart when the citizens have to be frisked for PAPER going in the door. Good grief… this just seems so far slidden one wonders how the country will ever recover.

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