K2 Wind (Samsung/Capital) Public meeting- PROTEST

Anyone not all protested out at Ailsa Craig would be greatly appreciated at the Capital Power open house on Thursday, July 12 at 2:00pm. Bring your signs. Bring your questions.
Date: July 12
Time: 4:00pm to 7:00pm
Place: Morning Star Masonic Lodge (Carlow) 82257 Lucknow Line, Goderich MAP
See you there!

This is a 270 MW wind development proposed for the Township of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh. Project Documents

14 thoughts on “K2 Wind (Samsung/Capital) Public meeting- PROTEST

  1. Dear Barbara

    You are a gold mine of information; may you live to see the collapse of these monstrosities.

    Just a simple Q – in the list of Bd of Dir. above, you show Marg Mulligan > Ont Pow Gen > OPG.

    Does this mean that an employee of OPG can sit on the Bd of an IWT developer without raising the spectre of “conflict of interest”?

  2. My thought too.
    Also Morneau Shepple a tricky company to find out about…..Hedge Funds,Manages Glaxco Smithkline pension plan in Canada, Employee sickness problems? in many gov companies/agencies (CAS being one)

  3. In today’s Goderich Signal Star, I see in the K2 Wind Open House ad that there will be a “BBQ hosted by the Goderich Lions Club” on July 12 in Carlow. Hmmm . . . I can’t imagine the Lions Club supporting the wind turbine industry, or is this propaganda by the wind turbine industry to imply that the Lions support them? If the Goderich Lions Club is backing the wind turbines, I hope that we never give the Lions our support again! Lions International should be made aware of this.

  4. Terry Worsell, President of the Goderich Lion’s Club has been associated with Port Albert Wind Farm and Northern Cross Energy.

    • You can bet your sweet bippy: every time you see smoke you’ll find a fire.

      I wonder how many of the Goderich Lion’s Club members are on board with Worsell for this debacle.

      I wouldn’t spend another nickel in this once great town.

  5. Please folks…The Goderich Lions Club DID NOT participate in support of the K2 Wind Open House….we withdrew our participation ….our heritage as a serice club has, and always will be to support our local communities first! Terry Worsell is not the current President of the Lions Club. He did not participate in this event. Please get the facts straight before posting comments such as the above….they malline a hard working group of vollunteers who collectively put thousands of hours into supporting those in our community who are in need. Although I am a Lions Member, these are my personal comments.

    • Hey Gord Grant,
      It sounds like a case – of – ‘the good’ ‘the bad’ and ‘the ugly’
      It’s just public perception – ya know.

  6. Thanks for clarifying this, Gord. I understand an email was sent to your president asking for clarification but no answer was received. I agree we need to get the facts straight but it needs someone like you or your president to supply the information. The Lions Club has done much good work in the past; I am sure they continue to do much in the future. Thanks again for posting.

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