An Update on Preserve Mapleton Inc.

News Release: An Update on Preserve Mapleton Inc.
The last time information was shared about Preserve Mapleton Inc. was following a decision on April 24th.  This information outlined the decision made at the Divisional Court level on the Judicial Review of Conestogo Wind Energy Centre’s REA approval.  During this review, PMI presented concerns that proper procedures, rules and regulations, as  mandated by the Green Energy Act, were not adhered to during this application process.  PMI was allowed to present its case.  However, on April 24, 2012, after three weeks of deliberations, it was decided that PMI did not have standing and that’s where the decision rested.

As a group, PMI then moved on to the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT).  Whereas the Judicial Review deals with the procedure, the ERT focuses on human health and environmental issues.  In Chatam/Kent’s ERT in July 2010, it was established that there is a correlation between industrial wind turbines and people getting sick.  The degree of sickness has yet to be determined.  This is where the “people” come in.  PMI was granted the opportunity to be heard in the form of its own ERT, starting on July 12, 2012.  This was to be an opportunity to share personal stories – pre-existing health conditions, and specific concerns about the turbines’ possible affects on the witnesses, families and livelihoods in this community.  To substantiate the conditions and concerns, expert medical witnesses and people already affected by turbines were scheduled to testify.  Due to unexpected circumstances beyond the control of the key medical expert, this person is no longer able to testify at this time.  Without this medical expert being present to substantiate the witness testimonies, PMI made a rational decision, through no fault of its own, to withdraw from the ERT.

So, PMI now looks to the future.  With more people sharing negative affects that turbines have on them and their families and their livelihoods, the body of evidence grows.  Just this week, the public learned of two families who are now experiencing problems that have arisen since turbines north of Arthur have been operating.  Refer to the CBC website for coverage of this interview.  PMI is confident in the pursuit of truth.

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