Liberals’ power plant decision will help opposition, say MPPs

Rob Ferguson, The Star
The $180 million decision by Premier Dalton McGuinty to scrap a power plant is a gift to Liberal rivals in the looming byelection in Kitchener—Waterloo, opposition MPPs say. “People have heard about this story, it makes them very angry,” New Democrat energy critic Peter Tabuns said Friday, three days after Energy Minister Chris Bentley revealed the hefty price tag for the cancellation that came 11 days before the Oct. 6 election.

“I think it has the potential to be significant across the province talking about the quality of this government, its ethics, its morals.” Facing stiff community opposition in a tight campaign and fearing the loss of four seats near the plant just northwest of Sherway Gardens mall — including Mississauga South MPP and cabinet minister Charles Sousa — the Liberals promised on Sept. 24 to end construction at the plant site.

“They’ve admitted it was a political move,” Progressive Conservative MPP Laurie Scott said of testimony from Bentley at a legislative committee, where he acknowledged the decision came from the Liberal campaign. Bentley said the $180 million to compensate a power company for the change in plans will come from taxpayers or electricity ratepayers, or both, as the plant moves to the Sarnia area. Read article

6 thoughts on “Liberals’ power plant decision will help opposition, say MPPs

  1. Send the 190 million bill to the Mississauga and Etobicoke Liberal taxpayers and ratepayers. Just call it a NIMBY charge on their bills (kind of like the debt retirement charge). Better yet, let the Liberal Party pay the bill since they’re the ones that benefited the most. Let’s be fair here, why should the rest of us Ontarians be paying anything for this massive Liberal vote bribe. Those that made this scandalous decision and then perpetrated it on the rest of Ontarians need to resign immediately. Where the Auditor General on this enormous theft of taxpayers monies! Prison terms, to all involved, ought to be its only reward.

  2. I totally agree Jack.They don’t hold anyone accountable for their big ticket screw ups…(ornge..)
    and countless others, the regular taxpayers flip the bill for everything they do. Problem is we cant keep affording these mistakes! If anyone ever made these blind decisions we’d be up to our necks in jail time.Time to hold their feet to the flames and start doing the right things to help Ontarians, not bankrupt us all!

    I cant help but want to gag when I heard Dalton McSpendy on the news last night say he just did it because he was “listening to Ontarians” yes indeed he was but only a section of Ontario in the big cities.
    And what of the rest of us DOLT! You seem to have very select hearing NO??

  3. Reply to give green a rest, don’t forget there big fat pensions, doesn’t matter how many misteakes they make, they still earn big fat salaries, lots of perks and a big fat pension. Nice eh, they seem to forget who pays there salaries. Thel liberal party is making millions off the wind contracts, actually it is the President of the the Liberal Party, he owned a wind company, maybe they should pay the tab on all there screw ups after all they earned the money off the wind turbine contracts.

  4. All those associated with the wind energy should be fired and held accountable; perks and pensions, off shore accounts and all financial gains these crooks have acquired taken and made payable towards taking down the turbines and paying the multi billion dollar debt they have accumulated. The Liberal party should pay the cost to keep these birds in jail.
    This renewable energy fiasco is akin to international organized crime..a mafia in a sense.

  5. What’s needed now is another heat wave with rolling blackouts in the GTA. Yesterday power had to be purchased? Production figures looked like it late in the day.

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