Politicians call for turbine moratorium; Hudak, Allison urge McGuinty to hold off until Health Canada study complete

Amanda Moore, Staff | www.niagarathisweek.com
Local politicians and residents are urging Ontario’s premier to put an immediate moratorium on industrial wind turbine development until a federal health study is complete. “West Niagara residents have continued to express to me very strong concerns about the potential health effects of these massive industrial wind turbine projects that are slated for their communities,” said Niagara West-Glanbrook MPP and Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak, who was joined by his federal counterpart, MP Dean Allison, in calling for an immediate moratorium until a federal health study, announced in July, is complete.

Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced the study July 10 “in response to questions from residents living near wind farms, about possible health effects of low-frequency noise generated by wind turbines.” The study will initially focus on residents in 2,000 dwellings selected from eight to 12 wind-turbine installations across Canada. Health Canada said researchers will conduct face-to-face interviews with residents, as well as taking physical measurements such as blood pressure, and measuring noise levels both inside and outside some of the homes. The study is being designed with support from external experts, specializing in areas including noise, health assessment, clinical medicine and epidemiology.

“Beyond the possible effects on health, the Liberal government’s entire FIT program is nothing more than an expensive mess,” added Hudak who, along with several members of the PC caucus, has more than once asked Dalton McGuinty for a moratorium. “It’s driven up our energy bills and stripped away local decision making. That’s why the Ontario PC Caucus and I have introduced motions and legislation to put in place a moratorium on these projects, restore local decision making and end the FIT program.”  continue reading

2 thoughts on “Politicians call for turbine moratorium; Hudak, Allison urge McGuinty to hold off until Health Canada study complete

  1. Closer examination – living the lie – ‘nothing stopped us’

    ‘[excerpt] Rahamim is confident the federal study will have similar results as one conducted by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer Of Health in 2010, which found no evidence that wind turbines have an adverse impact on public health.

    “We rely on the experts in the field, including both provincial experts and federal experts,” Rahamim said. “Studies have shown there are no known health impacts, and we believe that to be true. We believe there is a lot of information out there already that are indicative of the lack of impacts. That be said, if residents feel a federal review is important to them, then we welcome it.”’

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