Grey Highlands to increase turbine fees

Description: Notice of intent to revise the 2012 Fees & Charges By-law 2012-29 to Include a new Tariff or Fees for the recovery of Municipal costs related to the Green Energy Act.
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Municipal Council Chambers 206 Toronto St. S., Unit 1, Markdale
Written and verbal comments will be considered at the public meeting.

Recommended fee increases

6 thoughts on “Grey Highlands to increase turbine fees

  1. Nov 2008,decommisioning study.
    $200k per turbine is not, ,I repeat, it not enough.

    Each unit has its difficulties,access,reroading,detreeing, another environmental uprooting for anything that hasn’t reastablished,there won’t be much!
    CANWEA says that roads are to be downsized once the IWT is in place,it will have to be upsized again to get the crane in and out.

    Concrete removal is not included in this cost ,nor infrastructure like transformers,substations etc.

    These things are a temperary struture of 15-20 years. TEMPERARY TILL THE SUBSIDY RUNS OUT.
    At what price?
    Well you won’t get much change out of 5 million each at 15 years decommisioning costs.

    • Then it should cost about as much in today’s money to remove an IWT as it does to install one not including the pad?

      • Yes, however
        There will be costs attached of recycling the oils, the 1000 gallons up in the nacell.Land fill costs of blades..they cannot be recycled…and will need more labour to cut them up…….
        The list goes on……..

  2. Key issue – ‘intent’ – big deal
    ‘[excerpt] Notice of intent’

    Bottom line is this –
    just how stupid do they think citizens are?

    All smiles – bunglers
    ‘helpful & inventive’

  3. Now if I understand the process correctly a municipality has the right to set the building permit fee at what ever it feels is fair. It would be my opinion that the fee should be set at say a minimum of 5 million dollars per turbine. There will be no wind turbine company that will set up in your township or district because after all it’s all about the money with them.

  4. I wonder if the MOE has a protocol of removal.
    Standard Operational Procedure… that would be a first with these IWT’s though 🙂
    For a temporary structure with a 1000 gallons of oil swinging around 300-400ft in the air,one would hope so.
    It would be quite the clean up over a field,normaly all contaminated soil would be removed..thats a lot of A1 farm land/trees………. be a lot of drinking water if they spill in the lakes

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