McGuinty Killed Democracy

Nexterror finally hosted their last meeting in Adelaide-Metcalfe, after 4 cancelled venues –  it was the only place that would accept their kind around here. They weren’t let in easy. The main entrance to their venues was blocked during setup for 3 hours, with residents refusing to move. A sombre funeral for Democracy was preformed and the casket was laid to rest on a pile of rubbish behind the township office. Stand up and say NO!

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7 thoughts on “McGuinty Killed Democracy

  1. Great job you guys!!
    This community screams “Get out” over and over again!
    Shame on nex terror and the mcguinty liberal colluders.

  2. Give us a voice and let the voters decide. Call for “Plebiscite” on windmills in your area.

  3. Filed on :
    At the Adelaide Nextera meeting on Aug 14, residents protesting the final meeting for this company were approached by a man who drove a shiny red Mustang, saying he was ‘videotaping the meeting’ and from Woodstock. When Nextera rep Josie Hernandez was asked why we were being filmed she said they had to ‘step-up security’ because of the incident in Durham. That ‘incident’ still does not have a culprit, and many of us question whether it even happened. A convenient story for the wind industry.
    Residents blocked one of the entrances to the building (the company still had access through less convenient ways). Nextera reps from outside and inside the building tried to have the residents removed. The ‘vidographer/provocateur’ was right in the thick of it shoving his iphone (not a professional video camera) in the residents faces, asking them why they were doing this and egging them on with other pushy questions. The police distinctly told him to leave.
    If in fact this was a professional vidoegrapher (with an iphone and a Mustang), who was there to film the goings on, he would NOT have been getting in the middle of the protest yelling questions at the residents, trying to aggravate them.
    After this incident, he was gone. The meeting hadn’t even started.

    • There were undercover OPP officers at the Samsung “Information Meeting” in Cayuga July 8/2010! (I have the business card from one of them) Loooong before the meeting in Durham! The IWT companies KNOW we don’t want these things and have known it for a long time!

  4. So the dude driving the red Mustang who was there to “videotape the meeting” with his iphone, left before the meeting even started. That’s odd . . .

  5. By Elections coming soon…those who can vote vs #OntLibs must…put an end to misery for millions of Ontarians now & for next 20 years.

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