Nextera adds video for security… or to stir the pot?

Three hours before the Nextera hosts it’s final public meeting in Adelaide, a man arrives to ‘videotape’ the meeting. Nextera Josie Hernandez greets him like an old friend, and tells us they are “stepping up security”. He’s driving a fancy red 6L V8 Mustang that he leaves running to charge his camera, or phone… so much for global warming.

Residents were blocking the downstairs entrance to the township building in protest the development of Nextera’s 38 wind turbines in Adelaide. Nextera reps were both inside the building and arriving. They tried to get through the blockade downstairs, telling the residents they must move – just practicing their ‘authority’. The residents refused to move. Up pops video guy with a smirk on his face. He starts taunting the people, asking them why they are doing this, videoing their reaction. Residents tell him to turn it off; he smiles at the fun he is having. We call him out for what he is: an agent provocateur. The OPP order him to leave. He and his Mustang disappear, and the meeting hadn’t even started.

Very classy Nexterror: you know this guy, and you asked him to come to do what – video us for ‘security’, or stir the pot? We can see right through you.

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7 thoughts on “Nextera adds video for security… or to stir the pot?

  1. Thanks Dalton for releasing these unscrupulous, greedy foreign carpetbaggers on our communities. Agent Provateur. Real classy, Nexterror.

  2. Another attempt to put fear in this campaign to try and reduce participation to confront their attempts to promote this without any hassles. Probably a suggestion from there stockholders or CEO as there stocks plummet.

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