Summons of Dr. Arlene King Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health

In an effort to keep those concerned up to date on the efforts of Shawn and Trish Drennan on behalf of SWEAR (Safe Wind Energy for All Residents), we are issuing an update.
Click here for the documents on the History of the case.

On Nov 4, 2011, the Master denied our motion to compel the attendance of Dr. Arlene King. The Drennans were seeking to have Dr. King testify as to the public policy ramifications of Gag Clauses in wind company contracts and to answer questions concerning her report dated October 2010 on the potential adverse health effects of wind turbines.

Shawn and Trish Drennan on behalf of SWEAR appealed the decision to the Superior Court in June and received the decision on July 18th.  Judge Mary Sanderson decided to overturn the Master’s decision and ordered Dr. Arlene King to appear to answer questions. This is one of the first Court wins regarding this matter.

Dr. Arlene King however, is still refusing to testify and has made a motion for Leave to Appeal at the Court of Appeal for Ontario. This process may take up to 3 months.
In the meantime we need to continue fund raising to continue our challenge of the Ontario Government and to take steps to protect our citizens from the negative impacts of Industrial Wind Turbines in our communities. The Wind Developers and the Ontario Government are watching this action very closely knowing that Industrial Wind Turbines are negatively affecting lease holders and neighbours of Industrial Wind Projects here in Ontario. Recent Scientific Research indicates that there are negative health impacts from the Turbines, however the Ontario Government has not completed scientific research on the health effects of Industrial Wind Turbines here in Ontario.

For those who have supported the efforts in the past, which have been successful, your support has been greatly appreciated. For those who are able to support us going forward, on behalf of our fellow citizens of Ontario, your support will also be greatly appreciated.  This action should benefit all citizens that are living with or may have to live near Industrial Wind Turbines. All of Ontario needs to have “GOOD NEIGHBOURS PUTTING OUR NEIGHBORHOODS FIRST”

Our work is not yet complete!

To Support SWEAR please make Cheques payable to SWEAR and mail to:
Dave Hemingway
78403 Whys Line Central Huron
Bayfield, Ontario
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14 thoughts on “Summons of Dr. Arlene King Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health

  1. What would be the point of having her testify?

    Why not just go right to the source and have the intern and the secretary who put the report together take the stand?

  2. “There has been recent scientific research indicating negative health impacts from industrial wind turbines. However, the Ontario government has not completed research as to the health impacts of industrial wind turbines here in Ontario”
    This is another stall tactic by the Ontario Government. They are buying time. It wasn’t long ago Ontario MOE didn’t have equipment or know what to test or how!?! Their results will be interesting. My guess is that Ontario’s findings will be much different than those in the studies completed internationally. This ought to be good. And so the saga continues….

  3. Ms. Arlene should be cutting a deal and disclose the truth. It’s the only way for her to save her butt.

    • But this is a civil action and not a criminal action so no deal to cut unless there is perjury involved and she hasn’t testified yet so no perjury possible. Win an appeal is likely the only way out as she can be ordered to testify otherwise.

  4. Send all legal matter costs back to the government as that is supposed to be the publics purse which is what they do in this scam they created. All they are doing is repeats of stealing our energy. Sign the bill back to them. This is a case of fraud and it is not for us to pa in our energy form. They have stole enough already and presently.

  5. It’s Ontario’s test case. If she can be ordered to testify, it sets precedence. Who’s next? McGuintys afraid it will be him or another one of his team of scheming fraudsters that will be called to the carpet. It’s best to push it to the max now, all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. It could take years to resolve. Problem is, time is not on our side here. Even if we win, we lose; since all the while we fight the IWT’s are still being put on the ground.

    • The higher up this goes in the courts shows just how much there is to hide? Big stakes involved in this?

  6. ‘[excerpt] Dr. Arlene King however, is still refusing to testify and has made a motion for Leave to Appeal at the Court of Appeal for Ontario. This process may take up to 3 months.’

    The dilemma – ‘looking professional’
    – a civic duty.
    This is Ontario – appearances count.

    Let’s go shopping!!!!

  7. How dare this woman refuse to testify!! She knows exactly what is happening to the taxpayers in rural Ontario. Can anyone else when called upon to testify about the devastation that is being forced on the residents of this province have this level of arrogance. Get your fingers out of your ears – give back any bribery money you have received and stand up for the people you are supposed to represent. I am so disgusted by her and all of the Liberal Party and will never in my lifetime vote for the these pathetic people that have sold out what our forefathers fought so bravely to protect. It is so sad to find out that we the Canadian people have be sold out to the highest bidder. What next ?? You have sold us out! – sold us out! – sold us out! Make her stand up in court and answer for the lies about health effects. Listen to the people whose lives have been destroyed. Stop this insanity now!!!

  8. COME CLEAN ARLENE! COME CLEAN ARLENE! COME CLEAN ARLENE! Should be the mantra of the year!

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