Don’t mention renewables

by Peter Foster, Financial Post
Germany is still hurtling into the renewables cul-de-sac
This week’s talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel were a triumph for Stephen Harper. Ms. Merkel gave firm support to the Prime Minister’s European trade pact ambitions and did not complain at his continued refusal to throw Canadian taxpayers’ dollars into the eurozone money pit.

Some sections of the media, however, desperate to rain on the parade, noted that Chancellor Merkel had used the word “problems” when responding to a question on the Alberta oil sands. This, they claimed, suggested a “gap” between the governments when it comes to the environment and energy. Other media sources — also attempting to flog the environmental horse — suggested that Ms. Merkel’s visit to a Dalhousie University in connection with an ocean research project highlighted Mr. Harper’s alleged problems with “science.” After all, Ms. Merkel is a former “quantum chemistry researcher.”

Some pondered the significance of Mr. Harper’s gift to Ms. Merkel of a paddle. Could it be because — quite apart from the eurozone crisis — she is up climate creek? In fact, when it comes to grasping environment policy, Mr. Harper’s economics qualifications and ideological principles have led him to a much more realistic view. Read article

4 thoughts on “Don’t mention renewables

  1. Those that want to stop the oil production had better understand we will all have bicycles with scarce gasoline raising prices. and they do not want the earnings that will ensure many programs we want including paying for medicare.these left wing loonies want us to freeze in the dark and eat gruel.

    Check it out. man made co2 comprises about one third of one percent of the atmosphere. And it does not cause global warming. The sun is heating up as it has been since the ice age and has done so many times over and over for millions of years.

  2. COAL I haven’t seen the coal delivery man for years…… this a come back?
    K2 ACW Huron County wind greenbucks partners Capital Power are building a monster in Alberta and getting out of putting the new regulated enviromental scrubbers and stuff,because? It’s cheaper! cheap and cheerfull and to hell with regulation.

    ….and here I am with a creek and possibly up the creek , but we are fashioning a damn good big paddle, one to beat them down and to go away!

  3. Yes! Finally it’s admitted. “OIL BAD, GREEN GOOD!!!!!!”
    The “problem” with Adolf’s resurrected witch (or whatever it is) is that any legacy development is bad for her kind and THEIR future generations.

    Let’s put a halt to all development now! Throw the majority of us under the bus and back into the stone age, and do what’s needed to keep “the witch”, and her kind, happy and in touch with their own warped belief system. To hell with the rest of us. Ehrlich got it all wrong then, and people like Merkel have got it all wrong now. Unless of course there is some ulterior motive gong on 😉


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