David Cameron’s (and Dalton McGuinty’s) greatest crime

by James Delingpole, Telegraph (UK)
Excerpt:But there’s a snake in the Garden and almost everyone who lives in the country knows what it is and fears it like the Devil. I’m talking, of course, about the wind farm menace.

  • It divides once-happy communities; it blights cherished views; it wipes between 25 per cent and 50 per cent off property values; it causes insomnia, depression, palpitations, anxiety, sickness of all kinds; it enriches the cynical, greedy few at the expense of the many; it drives up energy prices; it kills birdlife and bats; it destroys jobs (creating only fake, taxpayer-subsidised ones), it does nothing whatsoever to benefit the environment, let alone arrest “climate change.”
  • That such a hideous menace could be allowed to stalk the land under a New Labour administration I could just about understand. But under a Conservative prime minister? Never! Or so one might reasonably have thought.
  • Wind farms, after all, are antithetical to pretty much every one of conservatism’s most basic principles.
  • They trample on property rights, stealing homeowners’ tranquility and the value of their single most important investment, with not a scrap of apparent guilt or compunction, let alone compensation.
  • They place collectivism – and a peculiarly bastardised, ill-considered, ill-justified collectivism at that – before individual self-determination and liberty.
  • They pervert the free market, whose successful operation Britain so desperately needs if it is ever to crawl out of this (largely state-created) depression. Scarce resources are diverted from the productive sector of the economy into an industry which no one, save a few rent-seeking parasites and environmental zealots, wants or needs – and which would never survive without massive subsidy because it has no real economic value.
  • They are the antithesis of the commonsense, empiricism and pragmatism which are at the root of conservative tradition. Wind farms don’t work. They’re expensive. They’re unpopular. There is no evidence that they offer any benefit to the country whatsoever. So what conservative in his right mind would insist on building more of them with money we haven’t got?  Read article

27 thoughts on “David Cameron’s (and Dalton McGuinty’s) greatest crime

  1. Perfectly stated!
    Being a brit myself I truly appreciate the British countryside, just like our Canadian countryside.
    When is the madness going to stop?

    • There are those who want the people who are working on IWT health issues to do all the work for them but the squeeze needs to be applied from other directions as well.

      • @ Lynne: Won’t stop in Blighty as long as SamCam’s dear papa sucks 30K quid <per month out of the hapless Brit leccie user. Along with HRH and many other sinecured landed troughers, wind energy is the annuity that beats all others… one just has to get on board the gravy train (First Class, of course)

  2. It will stop when citizens start doing something and quit waiting for others to do the work for them.
    Take businesses down with boycotts and maybe even a bank. Go through the IWT contracts and any paper work associated with any IWT project to determine if anything is wrong.
    The squeeze has to be put on these developers and those who are invloved with them.

    • But Barbara,
      The Liberal government – in power – provided the legislation
      to move forward – their green agenda –
      which allowed –
      the ‘energy privateers’ to move forward –
      with their plans in Ontario.

      The private corporations have a mandate –
      to make money for their shareholders. Period.

      The problem:
      Municipalities participating – and, the story is?

      • People have to move foreward from more than one direction as politics is only one aspect of the IWT problem.
        Municipal governments can’t stop boycotts from taking place.

      • ‘[excerpt] They place collectivism – and a peculiarly bastardised, ill-considered, ill-justified collectivism at that – before individual self-determination and liberty.
        They pervert the free market,……….’

        Welcome to Ontario:
        Tone down the language!
        A pervert will see you now – I mean ‘politician’

  3. Out here in Dealtown we are buried under these hulks , more are going up everyday. How does one stop it.It is madness. The once glorious sunsets are no more the hum and rattale as well as the whoosh is annoying, Why do so many peoiple here have vertigo.

    • “How does one stop it” Stop being a corporate citizen! When they offer no hope it is you as a man to stand in your dominion and not be a slave and victim to this dictator. Diplomacy are not in there vocabulary and the court system is slow and money is what they have and this is why I say it is up to us now. Once built is is often to late to hard to stop it. Lets save our community from this destruction.

  4. One of McGuinty’s greatest crimes was listening to this guy…

    Gideo Forman:


    Mr. Forman holds a Master’s degree in philosophy from McGill University. He interned at The
    Nation – America’s oldest weekly journal – and studied creative writing at the Banff Centre for the Arts. From 1997-2004, he was Vice President of Strategic Communications Inc., a firm that
    provides political consulting and fundraising advice to the non-profit sector. In 1999, Strategic
    Communications was named to The Profit 100 as one of Canada’s fastest growing firms.

    In 2004, he became Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the
    Environment (CAPE). Under his leadership, CAPE won a gold medal at the 2006 Canadian
    Environment Awards. In 2007, he was the co-winner of a Virtuoso Award from the International
    Association of Business Communicators (London, England). He is currently a Judge for the Green Toronto Awards. His reviews and essays have appeared in The Globe and Mail, The Canadian Forum, and The Toronto Star, among other publications.

    As head of CAPE he makes things clear:

    About the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)

    The association is an award-winning group of 5,400 doctors and concerned citizens working to provide education and advocacy to win environmental protection across Canada. Based in Toronto, the association is now working to close asbestos mines in Quebec, phase out coal-fired power in Ontario and ban lawn pesticides in British Columbia.

    In its coal campaign, association members met with cabinet ministers to present reports showing coal contributes to cancer, climate change and brain damage. In recent years, the association has had a lot of success – banning pesticides in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes and pressuring the Ontario government to close all its coal plants by 2014 – the equivalent of removing six million cars from the road.

    What more could you ask from an environmentalist…???

  5. The last quote about “Dear Gideon” comes from here:

    “My job is to stop the poisoning of the Earth. I feel immensely privileged spending my time trying to do this.

    Environmental protection is my life’s calling. If my tombstone says, “Gideon Forman, Environmentalist” it will have been a worthy life.”

    – Gideon Forman

    He just wants to poison YOUR environment!

  6. One of my favorite magazines is Design News. They constantly look at the consequences of Green Policy Decisions…


    The White House’s goal of a 54.5 mile-per-gallon average fuel economy could inspire innovation, but it could also lead to safety and costs trade-offs, one industry expert warned last week. “Putting the 54.5-mpg target out there is good,” said Sandy Munro, CEO of Munro & Associates Inc., a consultant doing cost studies on the subject for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “Engineers always need a challenge. But the question is, what are you willing to give up to get there?”

    Good question — eh?

    We have had discussions on renewables and pumped storage. Even the engineers can get fooled or not have all the facts though.

    Most of the time the policy decisions are seen as a crime against good design.

  7. One of the other particularly stupid ideas is “pumped storage for a nation. This is another policy decision which could create an ecological night mare:

    For more than a century, electrical distribution has been simple: Electricity zips from the generating plant to a lightbulb or motor, providing instant power. It stops for no one. That, however, may be about to change.

    With wind and solar power growing in popularity, “grid storage” has taken on greater meaning in the lexicon of utilities and power providers. Wind turbines and photovoltaic cells, it seems, need a backup if they’re going to take their place as major energy suppliers. When the sun’s not shining and the wind’s not blowing, they need help. As a result, a new breed of technologies — giant batteries and flywheels — are emerging as a way to store the energy from the sun and wind for later use.

    “You cannot balance large amounts of renewables without storage,” Tim Hennessy, president of Prudent Energy, a maker of grid storage systems, said in an interview. “You need a shock absorber. That’s just a fact.” Indeed, the need for storage is growing more obvious. The State of California signed an energy storage bill into law in 2010. Utilities in other states around the US are increasingly employing the technology, as are energy producers in virtually every country in Europe.

    Read the comments — some point out the impracticality of this idea. Other are clearly gung-ho supporters selling something.

      • Awwh!! Gotta feel sorry for A123! Such a shame!! NOT!!

      • The light just came on — went back and re-read the story…. A123 was the feature company.

        I do think the Chinese financing might keep them going — perhaps the real work will be sent back to China — maybe… (and maybe not maybe but for sure eh?)

        I comment regularly on these stories and point out the numbers don’t work. Being engineers they just work the numbers themselves — so there are few arguments — despite the ongoing positive stories about how it will change the future people are beginning to see…

      • Despite all the failures and all of the lost taxpayer’s money these people persist in moving foreward with technology that is not ready yet for prime time just because they can get the cash from politicians who don’t care because it’s not their money anyway and may buy enough votes to keep them in office until the next election.

    • Sold at “fire” price after the taxpayers gave them that much money. Big concern is that China will have control of A123 technology and move the manufacturing out.

  8. “Pumped storage” is just another extremely destructive attempt to legitimize this fake Green push for Wind and Solar. Keep your eyes on this small town’s experience where Northland Power is attempting to erect a dam which may or may not kill everyone in it’s path if it ever burst all in the name of GREEN!

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