Residents ready for legal battle over power lines

Wind company proceeds with Mountainview route despite review by escarpment commission

by Amanda Moore, Niagara This Week
A group of Beamsville residents are prepared to take proponents of a West Lincoln wind farm to court. While they aren’t opposed to the storeys-high towers being erected in West Lincoln, they are opposed to plans to install 80-foot high power lines down Mountainview Road.

The recently incorporated Mountainview Niagara Escarpment Commission Association has already raised $75,000 which president Harald Thiel says they will use should Niagara Region Wind Corporation move ahead with installing a connection line down Mountainview Road in Beamsville.

“It’s a shame that we, as citizens, have to spend our own hard-earned money to defend our property rights,” said Thiel, owner of Hidden Bench Vineyards and Winery, located just off Mountainview Road. “But we intend to do so. We’ve hired a law firm.” Read article

2 thoughts on “Residents ready for legal battle over power lines

  1. The reality is: when you say you are “not against the wind farm”, you are leaving yourself open to accepting all the nasty baggage that goes with it. With the bull comes the horns.

    Another tough lesson learned the hard way. When are these municipal lightweights going to finally fiqure this out?

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