Stop Haldimand and Norfolk wind turbines now

Brantford Expositor

Dear Haldimand and Norfolk Residents:

The Wind Turbine Developers are about to change our environment by placing turbines all over the country side, from East of Dunnville up to the turbines near Clear Creek to the west.

Thirty-one turbines are proposed East of Dunnville, 170 to the west in Haldimand County, in Norfolk County 13 turbines just east of Port Dover, four around Port Ryerse and more planned between there and Clear Creek. Mostly along the lakeshore. This travesty is being appealed by Haldimand Wind Concerns as well as citizens. The first day of the Tribunal Hearing will be Sept. 10, at 10 a.m. at the Kinsmen Community Centre, Cayuga.

Turbines kill and maim wildlife, and the vegetation is uprooted and trees chopped down to accommodate them. Some people are affected by the various noises they make, and suffer from so-called “turbine syndrome.” This is a fact.

The Ontario government has steadfastly refused to do a proper study, unbiased and with medical doctors’ input, even though many citizens, as well as 80 municipalities, have requested this. Now the federal government has decided to do this study, with the results to be published in 2014.

We ask the citizens to write Premier Dalton McGuinty and ask for a moratorium, stopping the erection of turbines until this study is completed and published. Neither people, nor the environment should be exposed to the harm due to turbines. Please write McGuinty at:

Peter Slaman, Port Dover

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