Mike Crawley’s Conference Center in Chatham-Kent

AIM IPC/Suez project (East Lake St. Clair project)

7 thoughts on “Mike Crawley’s Conference Center in Chatham-Kent

  1. I’ll bet there were a few steamy Liberal scams put out in that conference room that weren’t very green…………….

  2. It’s old but appropriate….
    What’s the difference between Crawley and
    a porta-potty. One’s full of crap and the
    other is used at a construction site.

  3. Could it be a portable sales office for AIM IPC/Suez? Sales persons would come here to sit and reload and use the roll of paper provided to write new contracts.

  4. What is going on is unbelievable. Yesterday, it was Enbridge and OMERS, today Xeneca and OPTrust (OPSEU pension)


    Muddy waters surround Petawawa dam project

    * Xeneca Power. This company includes Arnold Chan, former executive assistant to McGuinty, as a VP legal affairs. Xeneca Power is funded by OP Trust, the pension fund of OPSEU. Directors of OP Trust are appointed by McGuinty.

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