Tribunal creates uneven playing field

Chatham Daily News
Sir: Re: Citizen’s group may have to pay costs in the Sept. 6 Chatham Daily News.
This is absolutely tragic news, that the possibility of financial encumbrances be laid on a well-intentioned citizen’s group due to their wish to protect their land, wildlife, health and their prospects for livelihood. To me, it is astonishing.

I wonder what the costs will be to Trillium Power Wind Corp, which is suing the Liberal government in an apparently frivolous manner, for $2.5 billion, because they are not able at this time to place hundreds of turbines into the waters of Lake Ontario. There were no licences given. Has Trillium been told they must put court costs up first before the suit? I have not heard any whiff of this kind of news. But small sincere citizens groups are possibly a target, for even more financial hardship. This clearly is an uneven playing ground in Ontario.

I can guarantee you that wind energy is a falling star. It has not delivered energy; some say it sucks more than it produces. Despite over 140,000 wind turbines worldwide, 8% of which are dysfunctional or obsolete, broken and decaying in the sun, the world yet only receives less than one-half of 1%, net zero, of our power needs. But of course, we don’t mind leaving these wrecking balls around to create massive energy sprawl, unhealthy residents, many who cannot live in their homes, environmental havoc, and extremely distraught communities who have lost control of their lands and democratic rights.

What we have in Ontario, and worldwide, is a debacle, but one that is soon to be undone by the sheer volume of facts: without subsidies, this industry cannot operate. Why can we not follow Europe’s example? The facts are staring us in the face. The green dream is now ridiculed everywhere.

Sherri Lange
CEO, North American Platform Against Wind Power

7 thoughts on “Tribunal creates uneven playing field

  1. Following Europe’s example got us into this mess to begin with and this is going to continue in Europe but the means of doing this is changing there. Germany is building coal fired plants but continuing on with wind and solar. UK is will continue on as well. The big boys have too much skin in this game to give it up.

    • The big boys/money interests got what they wanted and that was changes in the laws or new laws to make the renewable energy game work. Taking away the rights of the people had to be done or the renewable energy game could never happen.

      As an example, using CFL bulbs to sell as carbon credits to make huge sums of money off from those forced to buy these credits. This is a quick easy scheme to make money for the big boys. Same with the rest of the renewables energy schemes. These are government “rent” seeking companies with the money provided by the general public thru their governments. Packaged and sold as the new “green” economy.

  2. Remedy to these laws that they create for us like we are their stock to extort us
    In America as in Canada today we have Township Trustees, County Trustees, State Trustees and Federal Trustees just to name a few of the many levels of fiduciaries within the Trusteeship which is involved in the administration of our Divine Estate(s), the Global Estate Trust. Judges, Clerks of Court, Prosecutors and Attorneys all play their own part in the administration of our Global Estate Trust leveraging our Divine Estates to rape, pillage and plunder the world and enslave the people.

    To unravel this intentionally complex Trusteeship of the Global Estate Trust let us begin at the top and work our way down. The Vatican boasts, in their Papal Bull, dominion over the entire earth, via conquest, and is answerable ONLY to the Divine Spirit. Dominion over means control over, not ownership. The Vatican’s un-rebutted claims establish them as the Primary Trustee of the Global Estate Trust, our Divine Inheritance; a very unpopular fact. But a fact that opens a doorway placing the cure for the mis-administration and theft of our Divine Inheritance within our grasp.
    To learn more on to start pulling these clowns down here is a web site to start your life outside the caged box and open your eyes to what is going on here kind regards

      • No need to vote for that. But if you still have a SIN and birth certificate card they still own you like cattle and therefor have a master.

      • Let’s think abut this…

        1) We are dealing with people with like minds.

        2) These political masters are regulating an industry of which they have no understanding.

        3) They are unable to determine expertise in energy and health because they have people deficient in the skills to even recognize expertise.

        Conclusion: We certainly do not need to invoke conspiracy theory where a recognition of their shared incompetence fueled by their consuming greed can explain things nicely.

        However, having said that, they certainly do work together to spread the Green Wealth in the taxpayers pocketbook. Do they not…???

        Wait a minute — Parker’s articles in the National Post certainly did make it look like a scam to fleece the government with collusion of same… Hmmm! I must consult with him.

        Conspiracy? Perhaps indeed! Just of a more mundane type…

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