Ont. couple seeks injunction to stop wind-farm expansion

Trisha Drennan, left, lawyer Julian Falconer, centre, and Shawn Drennan at a wind farm near Goderich, Ont. (CBC

‘I’m not interested in being a guinea pig,’ says resident, citing health concerns of turbines
By Dave Seglins, CBC News

A rural Ontario couple is heading to court to halt development of a large wind farm near the shores of Lake Huron – at least until Health Canada completes a new two-year study on the potential risks of living next to industrial wind turbines.

Lawyers for Shawn and Trish Drennan sent notice Monday to the Ontario government announcing they are seeking an injunction against expanding the Kingsbridge 2 wind farm near Goderich, Ont., by Alberta-based Capital Power.

They argue that in light of Health Canada’s announcement in July to study the health of 2,000 residents across Canada who live near wind farms, all construction should be stopped on the 140 turbines set to go up near the Drennans’ farm — several of which would be located within 700 metres of their home.

“There is no real set understanding how these things are going to affect people and I’m not interested in being a guinea pig!” Shawn Drennan told CBC News in an interview at his farm in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Township.

Some of Ontario’s first industrial wind turbines were erected within 300 to 400 metres from people’s homes. After complaints, the government changed its regulations to require a setback distances of at least 550 metres.

But Shawn Drennan says he’s worried about the health of his family, as well as the effect turbine noise and vibrations could have on his livestock and soil, fearing it will kill off moles and earth worms that he says are vital to his “no-till” soil and acreage.

“Until they have the final results, they should have a moratorium,” he said.  read more

11 thoughts on “Ont. couple seeks injunction to stop wind-farm expansion

    • Ontario’s ‘green’ economic disaster
      Crony Capitalism – always fails

      The Drennan Family, and lawyer Julian Falconer
      Thank God – for good people!

    • Feb.23,2009
      Under QUICK FACTS
      “Just a 10 percent conservation saving would free $700 million from family budgets”
      Was this a misleading statement made to help get the Green Energy Act passed? And then the 50,000 jobs created in 3 years?

  1. Thankyou Shawn and Trish for doing this. I’m so sorry this lousy, corrupt and uncaring government has left you with no other choice. When one is left with NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE, drastic action is called for and it was a sad day when such drastic action is necessary. My prayers are with you and I’ll be helping to raise some funds to support your brave endeavor.

  2. There were people at the press conference today at Julian Falconer’s office who have suffered adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines running near their homes. It is a nighmare of horror stories of people’s lives and health being destroyed across this province and across this globe. Arlene King, Chief Medical Officer of Health refuses to answer to any of it. In fact she is trying to seek an appeal to get out of testifying. I suspect it would be alarming to have to defend the garbage she put together in her report under oath. How this continues is beyond me. It will come back to bite them and hard.

  3. There are two kinds of people who are for industrial wind turbines being jammed into pristine, healthy and peaceful rural communities. One would be those who are thrilled to make money on the backs of the electricity bill payer, taxpayer and rural neighbours. The second would be those who haven’t done their homework on what industrial wind really is and isn’t: a sham, nonsustainable, unreliable, an affront to democracy and destruction of rural Ontario.

    • There are also two kinds of people commenting on CBC. Sadly the first kind. hugely supportive of wind power is in the majority. My comment in support of the Drennans was edited out. Still miles to go before urban Ont even begins to focus on the problem. .

      • The coverup game by the MSM is still in full swing in Ontario!

  4. I’m so sorry the Drennans have to give up everything and then face the scorn and jeering from such ignorant, blind, indoctrinated herds of sheep. The greedy money makers walking around in sheep’s clothing even make more sense to me.
    People who come forward to talk about the horrible symptoms they have experienced after turbines and turbine substations start up nearby also face the same.
    Both have suffered and have tried to navigate the Green Energy Liberal and NDP Dictate only to find they are dismissed, ridiculed and thrown into the ditch like the garbage you see on city streets. I still say it will come back to bite all who sit in self righteous ignorance.

  5. By the way, I’ve been asked by someone if the ‘Barbara’ you see commenting all over the place is Barb Ashbee. NO it is NOT our Barb Ashbee.

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