Dutch province tilts at (real) windmills

By Thomas Escritt | Reuters
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The Netherlands has been famous for its windmills for centuries but now one of its most populous provinces has said it wants to ban their modern-day incarnations – wind turbines – on the grounds that they are ugly and noisy.

The government of North Holland, home to the Netherlands’ largest city, Amsterdam, has authorized a giant wind power project in the north of the province and had been considering applications to construct 20 similar projects.

But on Wednesday it said it would not give any other wind power projects the go-ahead after the existing project – which will allow the province to fulfill its wind energy target – is complete.

“Wind turbines had a maximum height of 25 meters or so, 30 years ago,” said Frans Nederstigt, a spokesman for the provincial government.

“Now they are modern machines of up to 120 meters, with rotors up to 75 meters across – meaning a total height of 180 meters is not exceptional.” Read article ——————————————
… and if you know dutch, watch this video on EPAW.

2 thoughts on “Dutch province tilts at (real) windmills

  1. People quit using wind mills as soon as they could get other means of pumping water like steam engines and electric pumps.
    The No. 1 lie continues to be used to justify IWTs which is that IWTs will displace CO2 production and this is NOT true. If IWTs and solar panels are connected to the grid where fossil fuel back up is required then there are NO CO2 savings.

    • Grain was ground using water wheels and not wind mills. Some water from streams is/was diverted to turn the water wheels. Same with cider mills. Otherwise grain could only be milled when the wind is/was blowing.
      It’s easy to put this kind of false information out to the urban public because the vast majority of them have never been to visit an old wind mill,grain mill or cider mill.

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