MPP says she’ll continue to fight for rural Ontario during second year in office

Lisa Thompson, MPP Huron-Bruce

By Susan Hundertmark, Lucknow Sentinel
Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson says she’ll begin her second year in office the same way she began it – fighting for rural Ontario.

“I’m proud to be from rural Ontario and we matter,” she said during a recent interview looking over the events of the past year.

Last week, she retabled a private member’s motion she originally made last March, this time as four separate motions, asking for a moratorium on industrial wind development in Ontario.

While the March motion, defeated in the provincial legislature 45-28, asked for a moratorium on industrial wind turbines (IWTs) until independent health studies can be done, the Sept. 10 motions will ask for a moratorium until a federal health study is completed, for an Ontario economic impact study concerning IWTs, for an Ontario social study on the impact of IWTs on communities and for an Ontario environmental study.

Thompson said she’s particularly hopeful she’ll gain support from the New Democrats on the motion asking for an economic impact study since the high cost of energy was questioned by her NDP colleagues when the March motion was presented. Read article

9 thoughts on “MPP says she’ll continue to fight for rural Ontario during second year in office

  1. Lisa Thompson said:
    “Right now, there is a void of community and municipal voices at the table,” she said. “We need to look at how wind development has affected communities in Wolfe Island and Essex and Kent – areas where it’s been OK. And, we need to look at what’s worked, respecting community values,” she said. “We need to hit the pause button until we get it right.”

    Say what?
    Did Lisa Thompson just say that IWTs are OK and working nicely in Wolfe Island and Essex – Kent?
    Did we catch Lisa Thompson in an oh-oh moment? Has she been doing a bit of sucking and blowing? Is she really on our side or is this political theatre most foul? Maybe she just doesn’t get it.

    Or, was she misquoted?

    Go ahead, please tell me I’m paranoid.

    • I am inclined to give Lisa the benefit of the doubt here, that she meant OK’d as in approved.(development). I say this because of her history in the anti-wind fight in Huron-Bruce, an area long associated with controvery and personal injury. She enjoys her success as an MPP largely due to this controversy, knocking of the sitting Argculture Minister last Oct.
      She is the only politicians ever to acknowledge an e-mail of mine, thanking me for signing her petition, and I cannot even vote for her.. I suggest you simply contact her and put the question to her directly at
      Let us know how you make out.

      • Agreed, likely a typo mistake. But keep sending her the information she needs to have to bring up at QP debates. Doubt if her staff has the time needed to dig up information.

      • Martin, I agree with your assessment of Lisa Thompson’s good record.

        However, when she says “we need to look at what’s worked”, she sure seems to be implying that things are OK on Wolfe Island and in Essex-Kent. And, as far as IWTs go, show me anything that has “worked”.

        In this case, I certainly hope that I am in fact paranoid.
        Ms. Thompson deserves her chance to clarify her statement and the email below hopefully will do just that. I will post her response when I receive it.
        Good afternoon Lisa,

        I enjoyed reading the article in the Lucknow Sentinel, attached below.

        However, in the highlighted paragraph below, I wonder if the writer may have left a few of your intended words out of your quote.

        I would like to know if that is the case.

        Thank you

      • Lisa Thompson’s reply:


        I am glad you enjoyed the article. I assume you are referring to the void of community and municipal voices, which could be taken out of context. The meaning or intent behind the statement is that the McGuinty Liberals (when they passed the Green Energy Act) took away the voices of municipal leaders and community members within the law—not to be confused with community members and municipal leaders not lending their voice to the issues, because we know that is not the case. Many of my constituents and municipal leaders in Huron-Bruce have not been afraid to speak up about this issue.

        I hope this clarifies for you!


        I have sent a second, more specific request … SG

      • Lisa,

        Thanks for your lightning response.

        However, it is specifically the line below that I felt was lacking some of your intended input.


        “We need to look at how wind development has affected communities in Wolfe Island and Essex and Kent – areas where it’s been OK.

      • Lisa Thompson’s reply:


        Thank you for clarifying. The intended meaning behind the quote (perhaps it did get cut off a bit) was that we need to look at areas that have been willing host communities and see what has worked well for them, and at communities who are not willing hosts and are having turbines forced on them. If we are going to have turbines in our communities we need to ensure the municipality and community members are behind the initiative.


        Apparently “OK” = “willing host communities”.
        What is a willing host community?
        Maybe I’ll let the citizens of Wolfe Island and Essex-Kent answer that question.

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