Ontario Liberals blow $40-million on nothing; call it ‘a very good deal’

Matt Gurney, National Post
On Monday, the Ontario Liberal Party finally released documents relating to the last-minute cancellation of a proposed gas-fired power plant in the town of Oakville, west of Toronto. The Oakville plant was one of two scrapped by Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal ahead of last fall’s provincial election (the other being in Mississauga) once it became clear that the Liberals would lose both those seats otherwise. In the end, the seats stayed in the Liberal column. But at what cost?

That question, at least, can now be answered. The Liberals admitted months ago that the total costs of cancelling construction of the Mississauga plant (which had already commenced) was $190-million, that the taxpayers were on the hook for. But until Monday, they had absolutely refused to disclose the cost of cancelling the Oakville plant, a refusal the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly recently ruled constituted a prima facie breach of privilege, thus opening the way to finding the Energy Minister, Chris Bentley, in contempt (those proceedings are underway now). The final tab for the cancellation of the Oakville plant? An additional $40-million.

That’s less than $190-million, which isn’t surprising. The Mississauga plant was partially built, and that means money was spent on labour and materials. It needs to be dismantled and the site cleared up. But what cannot be explained is how Mr. Bentley, in announcing that Ontario must spend $40-million to not build a power plant in Oakville, got what he bizarrely called “a very good deal for taxpayers.” Read article

4 thoughts on “Ontario Liberals blow $40-million on nothing; call it ‘a very good deal’

  1. This is all about the Liberal’s using our tax/ratepayers monies to further their political interests. It’s not just fraudulent it’s blatantly fraudulent. There was the smirking McGuinty on nation TV saying the opposition had hijacked parliament and when they were finished with their “FUN” they “the Liberals” could go back to the business of running the province! Nothing to see or know here! Yup, we made a small mistake, can’t be right all the time, Oh well, we’ll try do better job next time so you won’t be able catch us with our hand in the cookie jar.


    What the SAM H is “FUN” about possibly being found in contempt of parliament?
    What the SAM H is “FUN” about absolutely wasting $650,000,000 or more of our tax dollars.

    This is not something to JOKE about on national TV Premier you’re the JOKE………..
    Do us all a favour and RESIGN

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