Toronto man accused in $1M green energy scam

Chris Doucette | QMI AGENCY
TORONTO – A Toronto man is accused of bilking investors out of $1 million with a green energy scam. Durham Regional Police said the accused set up a company called Saunders Power Inc in Bowmanville, Ont., about 75 km east of Toronto, which he allegedly used to defraud 10 individuals and businesses between December 2009 and March 2012.

“The company was geared at manufacturing cork-screw style wind turbines capable of producing energy that could be sold back to the Ontario Power Authority for a lucrative profit,” police said Friday. “The accused allegedly produced forged documents and a fake licence to make the business appear legitimate.”

One of the investors became suspicious and contacted police in January, which prompted an investigation. Gregory Saunders was arrested at his home on Tuesday. The 56-year-old is charged with fraud over $5,000 and forgery.

Anyone with new information regarding this investigation should contact the Fraud Unit at 1-888-579-1520, ext. 5353, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).

7 thoughts on “Toronto man accused in $1M green energy scam

  1. Surprised the investor didn’t see any more than green cash. Wish this scam would have taken a few more people full of green greed.

  2. There are more than a few scams making the rounds. Some are obvious, some are not so obvious…

    “Therefore, putting more electric … vehicles on the road will produce little or no net reduction in total gasoline consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.”

    Even worse, the Budget Office says 70 per cent of plug-in sales would happen without incentives, so “only about one-third of the credits will produce energy or environmental benefits.”That figure also suggests the incentives mainly redistribute money upward.

    Sure enough, the British report suggests most plug-ins go to affluent households as second vehicles for urban driving and the U.S. system seems designed to ensure a similar result. Since the incentive is an income-tax reduction, only those who owe the Internal Revenue Service $7,500 or more can get the full amount. That, the Budget Office says, is just the top 20 per cent of tax-filers. Only 40 per cent owe sufficient tax to receive the minimum credit, $2,500.

    “Most purchases of electric vehicles,” it states, “will probably be made by people who have enough tax liability to apply the full value of the tax credit.”

    So, scrap the incentives. Next week, alternatives.

    Scams — just scams.

  3. Scams surround us…

    In the US the big contributors to Pres. Obama are green Energy Companies…
    Peter Schweizer has done a study talking about corruption. 60%, or 80%—it’s closer to 80% I think, now—of the money given under the stimulus to green energy projects—the President and this administration’s great project—has gone to people who are either bunglers [ed.] or major contributors to Barack Obama. But nobody says a word. Of course Republicans don’t raise it because in Washington, they simply want to do it when they get back in power. And, of course, the press doesn’t because they basically have taken themselves out of doing their job.

    That could not happen here could it? We know that the Ontario Liberals do not take that kind of money. We’re lucky I guess… AT least the press reports the truth here… Riggghhhhht?!?

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