Important Birding Areas vs. Wind Turbine Developments

IBAs overlapped with IWTs

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  1. I tried to copy and paste this. 1. the map would not switch over to bird areas and also the email came back to me as truncated. ??? Has anyone else had success with this. ? I will try again…most important to send this to Mr. Gord Millar. Now that he has woken up. I do think he needs us to send him gallons of coffee, strong and black.

  2. Mr. Miller,

    I want to thank you for your efforts to help protect the environment in Ontario. It is certainly is a difficult task.

    I recently watched this video You gave various bird kill numbers in the video and it seemed as though the different sets of numbers didn’t match. What was the source for these numbers?

    I have also included a link to important bird areas compared to industrial wind turbines for Ontario. Please review this map when you have a chance.

    Thank You
    David Libby

  3. Dear Mr. Libby;

    Thank you for your email regarding the birds killed by wind turbines and the map of important bird areas compared to industrial wind turbines.

    The figures that the Commissioner used in his video are the same as those in our Annual Report. In his video, he states two figures:
    1. At 1:08 of the video, he states that 1 in 10,000 birds are killed by wind turbines. You will see this data displayed in Figure 3.2.2 on page 79 of our Annual Report. The source for this piece of information is Erickson, W.P., G.D. Johnson and D.P. Young, “A Summary and Comparison of Bird Mortality from Anthropogenic Causes with an Emphasis on Collisions,” USDA Forest Service General technical report PSW-GTR-191, 2005).
    2. At 2:50 of the video, the Commissioner states that 2.5 birds are killed per turbine per year. You will find the source data for this on page 11 of Birds and Bird Habitats: Guidelines for Wind Power Projects, published by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

    For more details about the statements made by the Commissioner in the video, please refer to the article Wind Power Rules to Protect Birds and Bats on pages 77-84 of our Annual Report.

    I hope this information was useful.

    Best regards,

    Maria Leung
    Public Information/Outreach Officer
    Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
    1075 Bay Street, Suite 605
    Toronto, ON, M5S 2B1

  4. Ms. Lueng,

    Thank you for your quick and well informed reply.

    May I direct your organization to a couple of other reports.

    The first comes from a wind industry funded report in Ontario. Since this report comes from the wind industry it’s accuracy should be carefully questioned. However even they report “the 12 raptor/vulture and 88 other bird carcasses recovered represent approximately 602 bird fatalities over the course of this Reporting Period. The estimated total bird mortality for the Reporting Period is 6.99 birds/turbine” The reporting period was 6 months. Which is a much higher number.

    The second report comes from Spain and the numbers are very alarming “Spain’s 18,000 wind turbines may be killing 6 to 18 million birds and bats (1). The average per turbine comes down to 333 – 1,000 deaths annually, which is a far cry from the 2 – 4 birds claimed by the American wind industry” the Canadian Free Press article includes many sources for the information.

    There is a huge discrepancy in the various reports. It would seem more careful investigation is required.

    David Libby

  5. What effective correspondence David Libby. You have their respect and attention. Thanks from all concerned..especially the birds. Keep on keeping on.

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