Tundra Swans At Risk?

Tundra Swans Staging Area

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There’s now a new concern with wind turbines and it has a direct impact on this area. Ontario Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller says the province should declare sites in the paths of migratory birds “off-limits” for new wind farms. Bluewater Against Turbines spokesman Dave Griffiths says dozens of proposed turbines in north Lambton are directly in the path of migrating Tundra Swans.

He says that the turbines will also be in the path of several Bald Eagles that come in off Lake Huron and fly to their nests after fishing. When Mr. Griffiths raised the issue with companies like NextEra and Northland, he says they were totally unaware of the swans and eagles flight paths.

8 thoughts on “Tundra Swans At Risk?

  1. Or perhaps pretending to be totally unaware of their migratory flight paths, when in reality, it’s more likely they just don’t give a hoot about wildlife of any sort.

  2. Sadly there are already lots of turbines up in Chatham-Kent, right in the Tundra swan migratory flight paths and the daily feeding grounds (corn stubble) near Lake Erie, Rondeau Bay and Lake St. Clair. Concerns regarding this were raised 5 years ago and ignored by all levels of government.

    • of course they were ignored, we have been ignored since they started putting these flippin industrial wind turbines in !!

  3. Here is an idea.
    Why doesn’t Gordo give Dr. Scott Petrie a jingle?
    Duh. He is an expert in this area. Wow, what a concept. Yes, sarcasm is intended.

  4. With nothing having been done in C-K over the last 5 years about this situation then who, by now, even believes that IWT companies such as Kruger Energy even care about migrating birds?

  5. oh they knew about the flight path I approached Derek from NextEra a year and half ago about the Tundra swans as our farm gets swarmed with them every year, as we are part of their migrating path but it was up to MOE during their approval process per Derek, who knows if NextEra put it in their application.

    • You you have brought up an important issue here. Do you or anyone else have photos of flocks, large or small, of migrating birds on your land, on lakes near you and/or/ near the great lakes shores?
      Aty least some of the photos should carry film development dates and people can certify as to when and where these photos were taken.

    • Aerial photos of birds are good too and hunters can carry cameras with them. Record as much of this fall’s migration as possible.
      Liars have to be confronted.

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