Wind power opponents pack town hall

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West Lincoln council has again asked Dalton McGuinty to halt all proposed industrial wind turbine projects in the province — this time by way of two resolutions.

It was standing room only at council chambers Tuesday night as hundreds of turbine opponents stormed township hall to urge council to pass the two resolutions — presented by aldermen Lou DiLeonardo and Joanne Chechalk — on the table. From two hours before the 6:30 p.m. start time of Tuesday’s meeting, members of the West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group protested the two projects proposed for West Lincoln outside township hall. Carrying signs reading “stop the wind turbines” and “health studies before wind turbines.”

They then poured into township hall. Council chambers filled up quickly and Fire Chief Dennis Fisher stood guard at the door ensuring no others entered. The rest remained in the lobby unable to hear the pleas of residents as they made their case to council one by one.

Robert Russo told council how, over Thanksgiving weekend, he drove to Chatham Kent and was distracted by the looming giants there.

“I couldn’t keep my eyes on the road,” said Russo, noting he recently sold his home and, depending on how council voted, would donate $1,500 to the WLGWAG to support its billboard campaign. “I felt car sick.” Read article

17 thoughts on “Wind power opponents pack town hall

  1. Niagara Region Wind Corp./NRWC
    Mervin Croghan, Chair. & CEO, lives Mississauga?
    Peter Daniels, Pres. & serves on the Board of Erin Mills Development Corp. resides in Toronto
    Bob Daniels, VP, resides Toronto
    Darren Croghan, Sr. project Manager, resides Mississauga.
    None of the Team lives in the rural wind project area.
    Peter & Rob Daniels both connected to the Erin Millis Development Corp. and members of the Toronto Daniels real estate development family?

  2. Newspapers …geees

    What he said was “he was driving to Michigan and passed through Chatham Kent”. He then saw the Stantec sign on the 401 then soon saw hundreds of wind turbines for miles. He had to keep his eyes on the road since the massive spinning blades was making him feel like he wanted to vomit. The he stated, that he has never been carsick in all his life.

    He does need a new home for his nifty jack ass McGuinty stop turbine sign…. any takers?

  3. McGuinty is the most dishonest premier, Ontario has ever seen, stick your wind back up your ass, Dalton.

  4. I think the only logical solution to this problem is for the wind power companies to create their own communities, homes at great prices for people who are not opposed to living beside industrial turbines. Problem solved. No one needs to be forced to do anything they don’t want to do.

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