Take Time to See

By Sue Atkins

It seems so hard to understand
as I look out across the land
That all I view belongs to me,
I ought to take more time to see

The distant hills and trees so high
the rolling clouds and bright blue sky
No one should take these views from me
as long as I have eyes to see

A timid deer with haunting look,
who stands refreshed by yonder brook
Knows not that he belongs to me
Oh what a thrilling sight to see

The song of birds so bright and clear
that fill the morning air with cheer
And fragrant flowers of every hue
that stand erect bedecked with dew

All these and more belong to me,
if I but use my eyes to see
When evening shadows gather nigh
and twinkling stars light up the sky

I hear my master say to me
”I made it all for you to see”
My heart grows warm with faith
and pride to know that he is by my side

How could he know what lay ahead
the fear and turmoil that I dread
Six hundred feet monsters invading our land
how can others understand

What will happen to the birds & deer,
the wonderful creatures that bring such cheer
The trees, pastures & lush everglades
replaced by concrete & turning blades

The flight path of geese & swans in the spring
gone will be the pleasure they bring
my ponies frolic in the sun
unaware of what’s to come

the high pitched noise that hurts their ears
swishing blades add to their fears
what’s that flicker in their eyes
like strobe lights flashing from the skies

How can this possibly be called Green
when all they do is spoil the scene
The Green Energy Act is oh so flawed
how can we allow it to be ignored

Now I sit and gather my thoughts
I can see clearly its all for nought
All this destruction in the name of greed
for such minimal hydro we don’t even need

McGuinty’s voice is loud and clear
the country folk he doesn’t hear
my Master gave me these views to see

2 thoughts on “Take Time to See

    • Sue…I was mesmerized when you first read your poem and I find on second reading ..I am even more impressed with…..your life, your thoughts, your prayers. You could write what the rest of us believe. Thank you so much for sharing.

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