‘Project Vapour’ codename for cancelled Ontario power plants might also refer to the Liberals’ chances at re-election

Andy Radia | Canada Politics
There’s some irony with the internal code name that the Ontario Liberals used for the cancellation of a multi-billion dollar power plant.

They called it “Project Vapour” and ironically it might just vapourize their government.

The Ontario PCs say that they’ve uncovered internal emails, amid 20,000 documents released last Friday, that show that premier Dalton McGuinty’s key advisers used that code name as a means to hide the true cost of nixing plans to build a generating station in Oakville.

According to the Toronto Star, there was even one email from the Ministry of Energy asking government officials to stop emailing about the Mississauga plant closure last Fall.

“There is to be no email traffic on this issue,” said the email.

“This is a campaign announcement not a government announcement.”

The cancellation of the two plants is expected to cost taxpayers upwards of $230 million and has been the subject of a contempt motion in the legislature with the opposition parties contending that the closures were politically motivated. Read article

4 thoughts on “‘Project Vapour’ codename for cancelled Ontario power plants might also refer to the Liberals’ chances at re-election

  1. “This is a campaign announcement not a government announcement.”…………………..That statement alone should be enough to charge the Liberal Government with a criminal charge of using tax payers dollars for an election campaign!……….or, am I that stupid that this “isn’t” illegal??????

  2. I doubt you’ll see a liberal government next time around.. They hung themselves here, and quite frankly I’m glad and they fully deserve it .What get’s me, though, is that some of those rotten apples that devised the destruction of rural Ontario with the GEA, are now maybe thinking of running for the leadership of the liberal party !!!. They don’t get it !!.. I only hope if this happens, the people of this province are smart enough to see through this, and do the right thing come election time !!.

    • Sparky…… My fear is that we may, very well, get rid of McGuinty and his pals and replace them with a government that will be left with the “mess” and will end up having to “cut and slash” in order to bring us back into some kind of reasonable stability and honesty.
      And… the new government may then be removed, after one term, because people’s memories will be short as to who got us into this situation in the first place and we’ll be back into a Liberal “major minority” that will try to do the old “tax & spend” all over again under a “Bentley” a “Duguid” or a “Bradley”! I suspect it will take more than one “term” to get us out of this! I’m afraid we only know the “half of it” when it comes to how deep
      the “doo-doo” really is!

  3. Each successive Government seems to set up Ontario for another failed Government………….round and round we go………………it’s almost as if they all belong to a big club and make up the rules behind closed doors and divide Ontario up into “turns at the helm” for each Party. Have you noticed the last 3 Premiers started their first day at work stating the following: “we find the cupboard is bare as the previous Government has basically cleaned out all the money and we can’t honour our promises during the election until this massive debt is paid. So I ask all Ontarians to “tighten their belts” and help us get this Province back on track”!

    The very next day they increase our taxes and axe social programs across the board, while all the time pointing fingers at the previous Gang of Crooks!

    That’s why Ontario is such a basket case……………time to SECEED! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secession

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