Ollson: The doctor who isn’t a doctor

Harvey Wrightman
At yesterday’s Environmental Review Tribunal hearing in Kohler, Dr. Ollson’s (no, not a medical doctor, Ph.D., Environmental Sciences, Royal Military College of Canada)  sonorous voice mimicked that of a well-worn preacher, tired of standing before his flock, using his best “LFN” voice to lull his attackers into complacency. “How well you talk. Really I feel quite drowsy. It is like being in church.” – Oscar Wilde.

But traditional Onkwehonwe Lester Green, who remains nimble and committed to teasing out the “inconvenient” bits of truth, had Chris paying attention. There was a prolonged discussion of pre and post construction studies of wind projects – as you might imagine, tests are not comprehensive at all, almost non-existent. No real health studies exist – yet. Perhaps the recent Waterloo and Health Canada studies will enter this space, but they are way down the road. The province of Alberta does require pre-construction base noise studies, Ontario does not. Given the bias, if not outright prejudice, of most of the contracted acousticians, such studies would need independent “peer-review”. The industry shouldn’t object to that. It’s a process that CanWEA latches onto – when it sees fit.

Asked if it wouldn’t be wise to do surveys of residents for health issues pre-construction, Ollson noted that base-line studies are invasive and anyway, they aren’t needed as the company uses “worst-case” factors somehow in its site-selection process. No further details offered – just a flat-out assertion. So, Chris got away with that – or so he thought. I really wouldn’t engage Ollson as an expert witness, he uses “ad hoc” comments and a smirk too many times. Lester then asked why there are so few pre and post turbine studies, “Is it a money factor?” Both Lester and Bill keep pounding away at the money factor, catching the witness(es) off-guard much like a parent who is embarrassed and tries to deflect the question. Yet it is central to the problems.

Ollson agreed that stress and anxiety can lead to serious health issues. But in standard industry fashion, he compared the impacts of turbines to be no different than if a hog or chicken barn were erected nearby saying, “…the change in environment is no different than what other people face.” A statement with zero credibility when one considers the large number of homes people have either abandoned or sold at a significant loss. The latter cases are now being documented and effectively presented by appraiser Ben Lansink.

Ollson went on to say that, “…if stress cannot be managed properly, it can lead to serious health issues.”

Panel Chair Robert Wright asked several good questions:

Q: Are there exceptions where it would be proper to do pre-testing for health issues?
To which Ollson replied, that he tries to identify such people at the “open house” meetings. We have seen this, and it’s really a tactic to gather as much info on those persons (invasive) as can be had and develop a strategy to “mitigate” the impact (for the wind project).

Q: Can you pre-test a project area for EMF? How onerous would it be to do so?
Here Chris squirmed and smiled but eventually had to admit “Yes”. It would take between 2 – 10 days to do the testing.

Ollson made reference to a “double-blind” study that purportedly showed that subjects were not able to distinguish intensity of EMF exposures. Then he said this proved that their sensitivity to EMF was suspect. Does he imagine humans are some sort of “rad meter”? I suspect one could have a different interpretation of the study. It wouldn’t be the first time he had misinterpreted a paper. Chris sings the chorus with gusto.

Q: The participating receptors may have turbines placed closer than 550 m and the sound will be greater than 40 dBA. If the property is sold, how can this be considered as representing “worst case scenario.”
Here Wright hit the nail on the head. Ollson quickly put on the lawyer’s robe and said Caveat Emptor.

Alexandra Pike really should have “stood down” as her muddled reprise only exposed more flaws. She tried to relegate the phenomena of shadow flicker as happening only in a room with windows, not being significant outside, or in Mr. Hyslop’s case, working in the cab of his tractor or combine doing field work. Trying to support her arguments, Ollson likened it to a car driving through the flickering light of trees. I happen to know of 3 people personally, who have migraine, and for whom the “flickering of light” in many such circumstances can trigger immediate migraine which can mean catastrophic loss of vision field – not a very safe condition in a vehicle be it a tractor, truck or automobile.

Alexandra Pike reminded Ollson that he had previously semanticized shadow flicker effect as a “nuisance or irritation as opposed to an annoyance” and asked him to explain the difference. Weary of the discussion, he labored to show the nuance of meaning he was trying to define, when the unsavy Pike interrupted to blurt, “So it’s a term of art.” – jolting Chris to sit up and interject, “No, it’s a term of SCIENCE ” and went on about how noise was a true “annoyance” and shadow flicker only an “irritation”. Now, if like Ms. Pike your eyes are glazing over, here’s the executive summary: because research into shadow flicker lags noise effects research by ~ 25 years, there simply isn’t the body of literature to support it being recognized as an “annoyance.” No one has really studied it. Again, caveat emptor.

Concluding her “house-cleaning” duties, there was a convoluted exchange between them which sought to clarify his position on suggested mitigation strategies to “reverse the condition” for wind turbine victims through “cognitive behaviour therapy”. In the UK a trial study on volunteers was performed – however, none of the subjects were from wind projects. It all kind of fizzled out and one wonders why the wind industry even clings to such a belief/hope – maybe eugenics is next!

10 thoughts on “Ollson: The doctor who isn’t a doctor

  1. Thanks again for this terrific report.

    And now, an open letter to Alexandra Pike:

    Alexandra, as a taxpayer, I do not support your misguided misrepresentations that are based on your incomprehension of these issues. Families, some with children, expect our government to provide current, honest information about health and safety risks about to be inflicted on loved ones. Your failure to understand these issues–even though you are well-paid by us to work as a professional in this field–is very alarming. Please, for the sake of us all, resign and remove yourself from these discussions. You are doing more harm than good. Your failure to act in the public interest should be considered reckless endangerment. These are serious matters.

    one of many Ontario Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines

      • Oops! I may be getting this woman confused with another young lady who was one of Freddy’s accomplices during the Kent Breeze ERT hearing. I try only to cast stones against the government, so as not to be accused of not “minding my own business!”

        I think I’m still shocked and disgusted by Dalton’s latest antics… My apologies… Sorry to hear that so many are proponents in these terrible crimes…

  2. And Ollson is supposed to be an expert witness? Good grief! Thought RMC was for supplying the military with professional officers and not environmentalists. RMC is supposed to be an elite military group but maybe not anymore?

  3. Shocked and disgusted,
    Don’t apologize. Even though she doesn’t work for MOE, we are all still paying this woman’s salary. Just look at your hydro bill.

  4. Ollson: The doctor who isn’t a doctor
    Government that isn’t a government
    paying taxes for what,services? they bankrupt us. put more and more acts,laws bylaws,(you cannot step out of the door without breaking one of there laws),restrictions,throw in some scams,scandals, add increase wages for them and minus lower wages for us. Aren’t they great bunch to have us pay all our energy to them? While we get kicked around like idiots and take all there crap. Who is the stupid ones here? We have to pay extra for these court cases and tribunals and they use our money we give them to fight us and they in turn(our public servants) sit against us with these pimps (wind baggers) to finish us off. What a great system they have given us.If I had a choice I certainly would jump ship.( We do now) From an Alien looking at all this we must look pretty stupid to take this punishment and I am sure they would tell us you deserve all what you created as you have the ability to do something about it besides what you been doing. as it is not working. Term after term they the politicians all promise the world and repeatedly they do it to you again and again.We become a door mat for them when they are granted authority over you. Have fun with them, I’ve had it with them. They are all power hungry idiots (90 percent of them)

  5. The entire system now runs on greed, consultants, payoffs, consultants, bribery, strategists, consultants, collusion, consultants, suppression, gov funding to criminals and did I mention consultants? If your child doesn’t know what career path to choose tell them to pick a topic and be a consultant. Neverending work.
    They government has also bought the media somehow. Can’t report on any negative aspect of this issue. Not sure how that happens.
    Consultation with the taxpayers is the only legitimate and democratic way to make decisions yet our input is now covered up and suppressed.
    There really is no process anymore. If gov’t (or their lobby friends) don’t like something they simply create new legislation that works for them.
    Read 1984 again.

    • News media/MSM can be owned or part owned by a party/parties that have financial interests in renewable energy. Also MSM companies can have company officials and/or board members with financial interests and/or friends/connections with financial interests in say wind or solar.

  6. I wonder if Dr Ollson & his family would be happy to live very near an IWT. He would have existing base line data (non invasively yet scientifically obtained). Over time, this scientist would gather real data to see if just by chance there may be ill effects from IWT’s. I am sure he could find an available cost effective home as his study lab.

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