Video: Energy Minister Bentley dances away from wind turbine victims

Four rural Ontario women visit Energy Minister Mr. Chris Bentley’s constituency office. Two of the women, who currently live in wind developments, drove 2 1/2 hours to his office and have one simple question for him to answer: “Why won’t you believe people are suffering from wind turbines?”. This proves to be a difficult one for him to answer. Note: Mr. Bentley has never met with wind turbine victims in his full year as Energy Minister.

62 thoughts on “Video: Energy Minister Bentley dances away from wind turbine victims

  1. One pathetic excuse for a human being , ..Along with others from the Gang Green…They are all criminals….

  2. You go girls….Good for you for not backing down, for being persistent and for sticking out your neck for the rest of us who are either in the midst of these projects or have been put on hold.

  3. Are you sure he didn’t have to go into a back room to change his underwear? He was $hitting his pants!
    And who was the chunky chick in the lime green blazer? The enforcer?

    Thank you ladies for what you did – and you didn’t back down.

  4. He has got the nerve to say that they were in his constituency office, he has put turbines around our HOMES! Would he prefer we went to his home and discuss the matter there?

  5. Terrific work ladies!
    I recall the same “mad dash” to the car by Smitherman at the Enbridge opening as ?? was demanding answers.
    Fantastic work.

  6. Pretty sad state of affairs when you want to sit quietly in an MPP’s office to see “the busy afternoon” he says he is going to have meeting with his constituents, and the MPP calls the police to have you removed.

    • Seems to be the standard way to deal with people whom you have harmed and you expect that they would naturally want to retaliate in some way. It is also the way the wind companies greet their “guests” at these public information meetings. Funny that Avon or Tupperware never needed police protection?

  7. And two of London’s finest were there to protect whom from whom? Give me a break! The Shyster Bentley was obviously not very comfortable when suddenly confronted by these courageous four ladies. Made a bunch of lame excuses to not see or talk with them right then and there. This is real life Shyster Bentley; it’s not like being in the Legislature with all your “talking points” right in front on you and your crony friends to lean on. You’ll need to think and talk at the same time but instead you turn and run like the true coward you are. If you can’t spare a few minutes to talk to these folks at this point then you’re absolutely totally useless and need to resign now instead of waiting for your lame duck term to run out.

  8. That woman was absolutely correct when she remarked that Bentley could have easily answered her question during the time he spent making excuses not to. Perhaps the “constituents” waiting in the back room would have been as interested to hear the answer as the rest of us. He meant to say that he did not want to hear and see his pathetic excuses broadcast over the news.

  9. good job, I would love some ideas on how to keep the pressure on these asses all of them! its a pretty sad state of affairs when the ontarians are followed around by our own cops we help pay, only to help out the actual crooks here?!

    what can we do now to keep the heat on the MOE, ERT, and other ministries? i really think floods of calls from everyone everywhere whatever group your from is needed as an Ontarian right now. its really time to regroup and put up a larger force to be reackoned with. their tails are between their legs, its truly go time folks. remember Ontario is over 80% rural ! ideas??????

  10. Note how he throws it back in your face by indicating that we don’t want a meeting when he is pressed for a simple answer. I should have asked him if a meeting would be possible in the prison he will going to if they find him in contempt over the gas plants.

    • He was obviously trying to change the subject and make it seem like he was in control, which he clearly was not. Perhaps a meeting in his backyard since he seems to think he can do what he wants in ours.

  11. When I first saw this video, I saw heroes. I don’t have many myself – mainly my grandfather who was a quiet man and never bragged. He saved a man who fell into the Welland Canal.
    It’s the same for these 4 women; they dared to confront those who continue to abuse the people who are hurt. I hope it will inspire all of us to do the same.

  12. Way to go ladies, that was a class act!
    And yes Colette, it would have been a great addition for sure, to have asked him about visiting him in prison, however you got in lots of good blows. Had him on the ropes cowering like the reptilian wimp that he is.
    Thank you for helping us all, its greatly appreciated.

  13. A good old fashioned kick in the nuts will fix him… Next time.
    Good job ladies. You really socked it to him.

  14. A Liberal @ your service – in Ontario
    Energy Minister Bentley: Help! Police! Police! Police!

    • Bentley: Diary entry for November 2 – 2012
      Dear Diary,
      Four women – NIMBY’s came to see me.
      They were scary!!!!!
      I am in therapy now – re: mental abuse
      Oh yeah – thank goodness the police have nothing better to do………
      but, rescue me.
      One more thing ‘dear diary’ – I am having so much fun –
      doing nothing!!!!!!
      I’ll write again soon – dear diary.

  15. Bentley can’t face up to anything. He can make decisions that effect our lives and doesn’t even try to explain his position. I’m glad he has decided not to rerun. He just doesn’t give a damn.

    • Ugh!
      Farmers – Ugh!

      The AWEA Blog: Into the Wind

      Speaking on the nationally syndicated radio program AgriTalk recently, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said that if the federal wind energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) is not extended, “that’s going to cost a lot of jobs in rural America. We need to not only continue focusing on biofuels, but renewable energy as well.”

      Mr. Vilsack made the statement as part of a Obama-vs.-Romney special on AgriTalk. In a response in support of Gov. Romney, Farmers for Romney Co-Chair Bill Northey said in part, “Many of us in Iowa are still very supportive of the wind energy tax credit. We’ll have lots of discussion with him as we look at the overall picture.”

      • You bet many Iowa farmers are in support of the credit/PTC as they are benefiting from this. PCT mean more leases for them.
        The land in Iowa was laid out in sections 1 mile SQUARE and then divided into square quarter sections and so on.
        Here in Ontario the land was mostly laid out in 200 acre RECTANGLES to begin with.
        This is a big difference in how the land was laid out and a big difference in the placement of IWTs in both situations in thes two different situations.
        Heard that Iowa has or will have 25% renewable energy. Don’t know how the grid is being handled there .Is excess power from Iowa being dumped on other states?
        Talk about dancing around issues!

      • Iowa has NO large metro areas that use large amounts of electricity. So excess Iowa power has to be sent out of the sate or the turbines turned off. Most IWT power is produced during the night when not needed and then again in spring and fall when not needed. Neighbouring states are installing their own turbines. There are no large metro areas west of Iowa either to dump the power on. Only states north,south and east of Iowa have large metro areas.
        There are few non-agricultural jobs in Iowa to begin with. Iowa has always been an agricultural state Temporary work installing IWTs does not help. The B.S that IWTs will bring jobs to local areas has been sold all over the world.

      • The Awea Blog cites references from several sources including:
        Navigant Consulting,Inc., Chicago,IL which has a Totonto subsidiary Navigant Consulting Canada
        Edison Electric Institute, Washington,D.C.
        Board includes:
        Lewis Hay,III, NextEra Energy
        Richard C. Kelly >
        Richard L. George, Suncor Energy Products Inc., Canada
        Yakour Mansour, TransAlta Corp.
        Thomas R. Kuhn >
        Ben. J. Kortland, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
        Jeff Drees, Schneider Electric S.A.
        Ken Salazar, U.S. Dept. Of The Interior

      • The AWEA Blog was a super find!!!
        Seems the election changed nothing in Washington. Still a hung government with an early lame duck president.

      • Oh yeah – Farmers
        ‘[excerpt] Mr. Vilsack made the statement as part of a Obama-vs.-Romney special on AgriTalk. In a response in support of Gov. Romney, Farmers for Romney Co-Chair Bill Northey said in part, “Many of us in Iowa are still very supportive of the wind energy tax credit. We’ll have lots of discussion with him as we look at the overall picture.”’

        Surprise – no so much – Obama wins Iowa

      • Also cited by the AWEA Blog as a reference is:
        Federal Energy Regulatory Commission/ FERC members appointed by the U.S. President.
        Jon Wellinghoff, Chair. appointed Mar.19,2009
        Mr. Wellinghoff was the primary author of the Nevada Renewable Portfolio Standard Act.

      • LAS VEGAS BUSINESS PRESS, Dec.31,2007 by John G. Edwards
        Scroll Down to : Review-Journal Capital Bureau
        “Jon Wellinghoff, the state’s first consumer advocate, was confirmed for a new term on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. recommended Wellinghoff for a five-year term and President Bush nominated Wellinghoff.”

      • National Park Foundation Board includes:
        Ken Salazar, U.S. Dept. Of The Interior
        Ben. F. Montoya > Vinod Khosla ,Grindwell Norton & David Mills AREVA Solar Inc.
        JOHN C Cushman lll, > John N. Turner, Northland Power Inc.
        Roland W. Betts > Wilbur L.Ross, Compagnie Europeene De Wagons S.a.r.l.
        Jamie S. Gorelick > Jack Fuller, Torstar Corp.
        Thomas Kuhn > Lewis Hayes lll, NextEra Energy

      • Getting to know –
        James Rogers, Duke Energy………..
        Each day – an adventure

        Phone rings!
        Putin sends ‘congrats’ – to ‘community organizer’ – Obama. Ugh!
        And – what happened to the military vote? When ballots arrive late,
        or, do not get sent out – at all –
        I guess the military – no longer matters.

        Nothing has changed!
        Maybe we need an update……………………

      • Nothing on voter corruption – yet!
        But stay tuned!
        Good idea!

  16. And out of nowhere, Chris Bentley thinks he remembers his manners.

    “Don’t get mad at the staff,” he begs.

    Well then who the hell do we get mad at? When Ontario Ministry of the Environment officials are acting negligently, to whom do we turn? The legislators? They’ve prorogued!

    Perhaps Chris isn’t aware of Environment Commissioner of Ontario Gord Miller’s recent remarks about the “uncivil” conduct within the Ontario government, for example, at the MNR?

    Chris and Dalton better soon come to grips with the reality that they can spin all the lies they want to try and explain their own behaviour, but that doesn’t change the fact these civil servants owe the public their due diligence. Shame on all bureac rats who’d rather make their own lives easier than represent the interests of the people.

    And shame on Arlene King and David Colby too, for good measure.

      • Chris did seem to demonstrate some confusion about not understanding whether you really wanted a meeting. Maybe he has a hearing problem? It definitely seems appropriate that you would follow up to find out exactly when this meeting is going to happen.

      • Bentley could use the: ‘blame game ploy’
        Blame it on the secretary…………..
        – she lost the names and telephone numbers.

        It’s been known to work great!

      • Maybe you ladies could go over to his place and discuss the issue over some “green” tea. It would be nice to be able to put a “receptor” in his head and play the incessant whoosh of a 3mw turbine complex all day and night. He may feel slightly more compassionate if he could experience what the victims of his Industrial turbine experiments have to go through all of the time. He is a lying snake. The liberal snakepit is responsible for more garbage than any other government I know of. And still, no accountability. What do they have to do to get arrested? Any regular citizen committing the crimes they have would be in prison.

    • I am not surprised, Colette.
      Perhaps you should call his office next week?
      Maybe they misplaced your contact info?
      Or they forgot?
      Or they hope you’ll forget? After all, one of the symptoms of IWT syndrome is forgetfulness. Maybe they hope you suffer from that?
      Go for it. I know we are all rooting for you!

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