Essex Council rejects wind project request

The Windsor Star
ESSEX Council voted Monday to withhold support for the Blue Sky wind farm project support in its application for a contract from the Ontario Power Authority. IPR-GDF Suez Canada had spent five years developing the 46.8 megawatt FIT project in Essex that would have seen 27 wind turbines erected on low density farmland southwest of town around County Road 8.

The company’s vice-president of strategic affairs, Dave Timm, said following the vote that his next step is “to be determined.” The project can still move ahead. Wind farm officials have to compete with other projects in the province for an OPA contract. The town’s support would have given the project extra points in the scoring system. But wind farm officials said the selection process is also based on energy needs and capacity in the electricity grid system to carry the power.

Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche, Mayor Ron McDermott  and Couns. Morley Bowman and Sherry Bondy voted to deny support, while councillors Bill Baker, John Scott and Randy Voakes supported the project. While there were several residents who spoke against wind farms citing health concerns, several farmers supported the project.  Cindy Barnett-Schultz asked council to put the best interest of the town ahead of a corporate request.

“There is an impartial federal study underway to determine the health effects (of wind turbines),” she said. “It makes sense to wait for the results before making a decision.” Read article

9 thoughts on “Essex Council rejects wind project request

  1. Councillor John Scott sounds like a real MORON! Here’s an idea John Scott: why don’t you resign and claim incompetence.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! The Health Canada study is a SHAM! It is enabling the approval of more wind turbines RIGHT NOW! Results is “2014” are already outdated!

    The federal government is on the hook for NEGLIGENCE.

    NRCan has been subsidizing wind turbine crooks through the EcoEnergy Subsidies for years.

    For example, Dave Timm and International Power Canada Inc. (or whatever corporate alias they’re hiding under these days) celebrated with champaign the $11 MILLION federal government grant at their ribbon-cutting ceremony in Harrow in 2010. These are the same crooks doing damage, imtimidating, and using the police for political purposes in all corners of the province.

    The federal government and Health Canada are not un-biased. They’re using public resources to delay and cover-up. Call a spade a spade — DON’T ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!

    Call a spade a spade.

    • When are the people going to wake up and see the truth. This whole green energy fiasco is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to defraud every citizen in this province, and these scams are going on all over the world, with the same disastrous results. No co2 emissions reduced, no benefit to our ecological system at all, destruction of much-needed agricultural lands, disintegration of communities, complete loss of respect for the government, and HUGE tax and electricity bills to pay for the privilege. And that is just a small sampling of the problems caused by this nonsense. Do your homework people, don’t be fooled by the propaganda the rich companies and governments are telling you. We will all suffer from their irresponsibility.,

    • …looking forward to the day the federal government recognizes its contribution for the damage caused by wind turbines, that its enabling through its ongoing ecoENERGY subsidies… maybe if the Harper government had pulled the plug on the subsidies, the good folks near Harrow would have been spared the hardships they’ve endured because of the reckless development and operation of wind turbines there…

    • Keep copies of this list of Contribution Agreements as this is extra federal money developers got.
      These should be the older projects that are already up and running.

  2. Yes, the ” Health Canada study is a sham.” believe it.
    In 2008 when the turbines came to my county, I believed the government for months, “turbines are green…blah blah blah.” I didnt believe the government would go ahead with a development that would cause so much harm. My healrh has not fully recovered; at this point-I don’t expect it will.
    The Health Canada Study is stacked, to provide the outcome the government needs to cover their butts. BELIEVE IT. The truth will come out in the wash, after the damage is done.The government has lied and they know, we know they lied. The government is desperate. Dalton’s wild card to get him off the hook was to prorogued the government. You can be assured he has another play on deck should this one fail.
    The insanity will not stop until WE make it stop.
    The activity of our government as is, is comparable to that of a mafia.

  3. Baker, Scott and Voakes who are in favour of wind had to resort to personal attacks at this meeting because they have no facts to prove the safety or benefit of wind. When you can’t argue then just try to belittle your constituents eh guys???

    Shame on those sorry excuses for councillors. They will be justly rewarded in Hell.

  4. If these council proceedings appear in the local paper, can this news article be posted at OWR?

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