MP Schellenberger talks wind turbines

Mitchell Advocate
[excerpt] The omnipresent wind turbine transmission line in the area is also something of a concern for Schellenberger and members of council. Schellenberger admitted he has a personal interest in any transmission line since one proposed would go right past his Grand Bend area cottage.

“I’ve been as vocal as I could be with the Minister of Health,” he said, adding that a federal health study on the matter could “slow some of this down.”

The federal government has been in favour of spending money on alternative power, and wind is one of those alternatives, but that only concerns projects previously approved. “It’s a real problem for us in rural Ontario,” he said. “If there ends up being no health problems, every part of every city should have one.”

Mayor McKenzie then asked Schellenberger if there is any wind turbines in Ottawa, jokingly adding “you [politicians] all have a lot of hot air.”

“Yes, but hot air melts those things,” Schellenberger responded in jest. Read article

2 thoughts on “MP Schellenberger talks wind turbines

  1. Hahahahahahhaaha, so funny… so many jokes…

    Was MP Schellenberger joking when he said “If there ends up being no health problems, every part of every city should have one.” ???

    He should know that no study will prove there are no health problems. This has already been verified by too many Ontarians…

    • Is that suggesting that if there are health problems associated with wind turbines, which all people with any amount of experience in this issue knows that there are, then it is advisable to put them in rural areas so that only non-liberals will suffer? What on earth did we do to deserve this abuse?n The only people who should be exposed to industrial wind turbines are the people who are in favour of them, which is the people who stand to profit largely from them. Any other solution would be immoral.

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