MPP Steve Clark: “It’s been a disaster”

By Antonella Artuso , Toronto Sun
TORONTO – Ontario’s controversial wind and solar feed-in tariff program may be getting blown off by the World Trade Organization but Premier Dalton McGuinty’s still a fan. The FIT program has generated billions of dollars in investment and created thousands of jobs in Ontario, McGuinty said Tuesday. “So we will continue to do what it takes to stand up for economic growth and jobs here,” he said.

Ontario’s Tories, who are promising to end the FIT program, say there’s little to show for the unreliability, community discord and inflated prices that come with ramming renewable electricity projects into rural areas. “It’s been a disaster,” Tory MPP Steve Clark said.

The WTO is expected to rule shortly on a complaint by Japan that domestic content requirements in the FIT program run afoul of free trade rules, favouring Ontario-produced over imported goods. “That complaint has been made for a while and we hear that there’s a ruling that is imminent, and I’m not going to comment on a ruling that hasn’t been made,” McGuinty said.

11 thoughts on “MPP Steve Clark: “It’s been a disaster”

    • McGuinty is in the midst of a mental
      breakdown. The man is sick.

      Problem with the Conservative position
      is that they say they will end the FIT
      program, but honor existing contracts.
      Too little, too late – the damage will have
      been done.

      • In power, they will look for the ways to end those contracts, pursuant to the recent court ruling on the off-shore case that stated that contractors assume me the risks of losing contracts when dealing with government.

  1. “McGuinty is in the midst of a mental breakdown. The man is sick.”

    It is obvious that McGuinty is in denial of reality. He has demonstrated this over and over.

  2. McGuinty knows that the next Ontario Government will have to hire 600,000 public auditors to find out where the additional $160 Billion in Debt created…was actually spent…since the current Government-in-hiding won’t tell us…

  3. I can’t understand why he hasn’t been brought up on charges for all the lies, scams, cover-ups, and just plain criminal activity that McGuinty and his band of thieves have perpetrated. Why does he get to say anything at all? I am surprised that in this day and age we cannot make laws to protect the people from corruption in our government. We should be able to haul them all out under present circumstances. Waiting till Spring is too long, and I hope everyone is paying attention to the lack of support that the NDP are giving to the people being abused by the wind companies. They seem to have fallen for the imaginary jobs the wind companies promise, and forgotten how many jobs will be lost to skyrocketing energy prices. It makes you think that perhaps the NDP are getting some financial support from these slimy companies…I’d bet on it!

    • Shellie….. Consider the support from the CAW in Port Elgin. Could there be a connection?

      • The Blue-Green alliance also comes into play with the CAW. The Blue-Green alliance at least in Canada comes from Environmental Defence Canada & Steel Workers union and has spread from there.

      • NDP would be as bad as Liberals, if not worse, when
        it comes to supporting IWT development.
        Andrea Hogwash commented prior to the last
        election that the NDP is committed to aggresively
        expanding renewable energy in Ont. as the path
        to development of a vibrant green energy economy
        in Ontario.

      • The NDP is chasing a fantacy. There is no vibrant “green” economy and they know this but it gets them votes with the false promise of jobs.

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