Manitloulin McLean’s Mt. ERT Appeal

Prelimminary hearing info
Date: December 18
Time: 1:00 pm
Place: Lion’s Den – The Town of Eastern Manitoulin and the Islands Recreation Centre: 9001 hwy 6 Little Current MAP

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The twenty four industrial wind turbine development on McLean’s Mountain has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment on Oct 31,2012 and is permitted to move ahead.

The project planned by the investment firm Northland Power Inc and their partners of Mnidoo Mnising Power of the United Chiefs and Councils of Mnidoo Mnising occupies 20 thousand acres of Manitoulin escarpment which the locals refer to as “the Green Bush” and will affect residents from Little Current to Honora and Green Bay. Visible impacts will be much further affecting Manitoulin Island’s unique landscape.

The turbines will stand 638 feet tall, have approximately 328 ft diameter blades, and are rated at 2.5MW and one at 2.355 MW of expensive unreliable power each. Wind farms in the province run at approximately 30% or less of their rated capacity.

Wind Farms continue to be paid for electricity that is generated but not required on the grid due to surpluses in the province which also contributes to higher electricity costs contributing to energy poverty.

The connection to the main grid through a 115,000 volt, 10 km transmission line from the Green Bush with large underwater cables crossing the ever lowering North Channel water levels to a new additional
electrical station on Goat Island will be used to send the contracted 15 cents kwh of unreliable generation to off island locations. Line loss due to distance from where the electricity is required will further diminish any generation sent.

The project has been the focus of considerable opposition since the company hosted project restart public meetings in 2009.

The Manitoulin Coalition has applied for a “stay of approval” of the MOE directors decision though land clearing for the project and potential construction will continue throughout the Environmental Review Tribunal Appeal process for this “Green Energy Project”.

The organization which advocates for local residents in the project area and elsewhere on Manitoulin has retained renowned environmental lawyer Eric Gillespie to advise MCSEA.

MCSEA is filing an appeal of the ruling and we will be calling on Environment Minister Jim Bradley and Energy Minister Chris Bentley to revoke the approval.

The coalition will base it’s case on recent studies which have shown the potential for serious harm to human health for those residents within 1400 meters. In addition they will protest several process related issues related to improper location of potential receptors and land rights of use for non participants in the project.

The lack of consultation with members of First Nations communities who have treaty rights to the area are also not recognized by this tribunal.

MCSEA has established an account to accept donations at the Little Current Bank of Montreal at phone number 705-368-2260.
Manitoulin Coalition for Safe Energy Alternatives
RR#1, Comp 60 Little Current, Ontario
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