Wind turbines ‘killing jobs’ PC energy critic contends

by Patrick Raftis, The Wellington Advertiser
Wind energy is “killing jobs” in Ontario. That’s part of the message Progressive Conservative energy critic Victor Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing, brought with him on a tour of the region last week. Fedeli visited Alma, Mount Forest, Listowel, St. Marys and Stratford on Nov. 15, accompanied, at several stops, by Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece.

“With a group in Alma along with MPPs Randy Pettapiece and Ted Arnott (Wellington-Halton Hills) talking about wind energy killing jobs,” Fedeli tweeted during his visit there. Pettapiece said the gathering at the Alma Community Centre was a small one and included a few local citizens who had expressed some concerns about wind energy. The residents’ concerns focused on proposed projects in the Arthur and Belwood areas. Pettapiece said wind energy is a job killer because “industries are leaving Ontario because they can’t afford the energy prices.”

The MPP said Ontario would face the same fate as European countries that have gone heavily into wind power and are now “cancelling their contracts because they can’t afford the energy.” Read article

3 thoughts on “Wind turbines ‘killing jobs’ PC energy critic contends

  1. We’ve been saying all along that it would kill jobs, they refuse to listen, we say it divides communities and even families, they refuse to listen. We say it makes people sick, and doesn’t even reduce co2 emissions, they still refuse to listen….do you think maybe their ears are plugged with money??

  2. Get A job I hear you say?
    So I can spend half my working life taking orders from someone else in order to earn the promissory notes of a private corporation needed to pay off the interest on these promissory notes?
    So I can have almost two thirds of the product of my labour legally stolen from me through direct taxes,fees, fines,penalties,duties,forced purchases,etc. with the threat of force,intimidation and incarceration if I don’t?
    So I can make products made from the earths resources to earn bits of paper to exchange for other products made from the earths resources to enable the continuation of the artificial debt based construct we call economy?
    Get a job?
    While all the public servants and or reps we hire, keep telling us to bend over like dumb sheep while they ram us with this dept they create?
    just think about this scenario,that’s what we are doing,silly ehe?

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