Fill in a wind turbine health survey, WIN a Samsung tablet (!?)

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Residents of Dufferin County who live within five kilometres of a wind turbine can expect to receive a survey in their mailboxes in the coming weeks. The survey, titled the Quality of Life and Renewable Energy Technologies Study, contains a portion investigating wind power. Professor Phil Bigelow, an epidemiologist at the University of Waterloo, is using the research to examine the specific relationship between reported health effects and living near renewable energy technologies.
Upon completing the survey, participants will be entered into a draw to win a $250 gift certificate to Canadian Tire or a Samsung Galaxy tablet, valued at $250. Selected participants will also be invited to take part in the second part of the study, which involves a more in-depth health assessment.
For more information on the Ontario Research Chair program in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health, visit For more information on study participation, call Tanya Christidis at 519-888-4567 ext. 31342 or email

27 thoughts on “Fill in a wind turbine health survey, WIN a Samsung tablet (!?)

    • Canadian Tire Corp., Toronto, Board includes:
      Stephen G. Wetmore, Pres. & CEO >
      Donald J. Lowry, EPCOR
      Graham W. Savage >
      Vincent J. Sardo, Capstone Infrastructure
      David Lee Emerson, Stantec Inc.
      Timothy Price >
      John N. Turner, Northland Power
      Harry a. Goldgut, Brookfield Renewable Power Inc.
      Patricia M. Newson, AltaGas Ltd
      James L. Goodfellow > Kenneth Rotman, Wellington Financial LP

      • Yes, there are many connections here and not all of the Board was looked at. But the group that was looked is shot through with connections to those involved in one way or another with IWTs.
        Information is provided so that people can look at a situation and make their own decisions.

  1. So our government funded “research team” is offering a prize for a health study? Are you kidding me?
    What the H is going on?

    • What’s worse is the prize is a Samsung product. The company who has invaded rural Ontario with IWT’s. Some prize.

  2. If people are willing to participate in a study Phil Bigelow is probably the best bet… (Or should I say the “least worst” alternative?)

    As for the “prize” you can decline the opportunity and stick to business. Like trying to get some wide spread health reporting done.

    …or you can carry on.

    • Not only would I not buy any samsung products, I would certainly not accept one for letting them study me to see how much damage they have done and then try to delve into your past health records to try to find something to blame your health issues on other than the turbines. They are obviously playing on the greed or ignorance of these people. They need to get some VOLUNTEERS to live next to these useless turbines, and WE will study them, starting with the executives of the turbine companies, their employees, the governments that support them and last but not least, the Green POSERS who promote wind energy without really knowing a damn thing about it! we would be 100% better off researching ways to use as little energy as possible and produce it as cleanly and efficiently as possible. But that idea is boring, it will not buy votes, it will not make the rich people richer, it will not punish rural people for not voting liberal, and it just makes too much damn sense!!! Civil disobedience is the only solution when the government refuses to acknowledge the basic human rights of it’s own citizens.

  3. Someone needs to enlighten this professor. A plethora of letters should litter his desk or at the very least, his computer.

  4. How will they capture gagged people including leaseholders and consider the families who have retreated and moved away because the ministry wouldn’t help them?

    Samsung = Smitherman and backroom deals and now free goods courtesy of our government.

    Who might be inclined to give them the “right” answers in hopes of being favoured for the prize…right before Christmas……

    Shocking behaviour from our government

  5. University of Waterloo sinks to a new low. There were valid questions asked about this so-called study 2 years ago. Wind Vigilance forgot to ask if the research chair would offer a Samsung TV to try to get people to come forward.
    Research Chair Choice Misses the Mark
    The Society for Wind Vigilance expresses its concern over the announcement of its choice of Research Chair in Renewable Technologies and Health. Dr Siva Sivoththaman is an electrical engineer. While we wish him well, in our view Dr. Sivoththaman’s professional background lacks the clinical expertise to evaluate “health impacts of renewable energy” associated with industrial wind turbines.

    As advocates for health protection The Society for Wind Vigilance believes that the lead and expertise of this Research Chair would more appropriately have been a clinician scientist. We strongly encourage the new Chair to seek the appropriate collaborators as a new the research program is established.

    The SWV notes with concern that the first criterion in the RFP from the Ministry of Environment required that the responding institution have a faculty or discipline established for renewable energy technologies. Throughout the RFP, the required expertise, experience and qualifications continued to focus on renewable energy technologies. The health requirement appears to have been a secondary consideration if it

    was considered at all. These concerns have been communicated to the Ministry of Environment and the Chair of the Research Chair during the selection process.

    Health concerns from wind technology in Ontario must be addressed. These concerns exist due to the inadequate implementation of Ontario’s renewable energy Policy. Front end health studies prior to establishing the renewable energy policy were not done. Vigilance monitoring and long term surveillance programs to ensure safe implementation were not established.

    Volunteers for WindVOiCe© continue to conduct a vigilance health survey for new victims. WindVOiCe© follows the principles of Health Canada’s Canada Vigilance, a post-market surveillance program by which healthcare professionals and consumers report adverse health effects suspected to be related to a product. This is mandatory for Market Authorization Holders such as wind turbine manufacturers.

    To date, one hundred and two Ontarians have reported adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines and the number is climbing.

    The Society for Wind Vigilance calls upon the government to halt further development of industrial wind installations until a full independent, third-party study into the adverse health effects of industrial scale wind technology is complete.

    Mitigation of problems with current wind developments must be agreed upon and corrective action taken.

    According to the Ministry of Environment “there is no scientifically accepted field methodology to measure wind turbine noise to determine compliance or determine non compliance with a Certificate of Approval limits”. Based on this, Ontario noise guidelines for industrial wind turbines do not seem enforceable. The recent RFP for noise specialists by Ontario’s Ministry of Environment indicates that the technology and

    its affect on human health are not fully understood.

    Ontario families cannot rely on protection from their government when turbine-related noises cause sleep disturbance leading to other adverse health effects. Clinicians and medical experts must be independently appointed from outside the government and its public health officers to protect Ontarians.

    ROBERT Y. MCMURTRY, M. D., F.R.C.S.(C), F.A.C.S.


    The Society for Wind Vigilance

    • Perhaps many more would speak up if they had a way of doing this without revealing their identity.
      This is not a nice thing to have to do but if those injured and or needing medicatrions to remain in their homes would supply this information for all Ontarians so these issues can be exposed. They need not identify themselves. When this happens the intimidations will stop.
      This is truly a very sad state of affairs!

      • Postings on the internet of photos, medications needed, etc. also provides a way to testify without being intimdated. Information for a jury of your peers.

    • Thank you for the information about Windvoice, I had no idea such an organization existed. I have a letter from my 11 year-old sons specialist saying he is at serious risk of harm from turbine noise due to sensory issues that he has. We are slated to be surrounded with 3mw turbines, with one being the minimum setback distance of 550m. I would like to find out if anyone can help me before the turbines come because the cost of litigation is difficult to work into a family budget that is already strained to the max. I will try to contact these people, it sounds like we have some wonderful, compassionate and intelligent people helping us! For that I am grateful!

      • Unpleasent situation you are in and if your son also becomes subjected to electrical shocks this will be very bad for him.

  6. Do you find this research “unethical”? Or, at least, do you have questions about the “ethics” of this project?

    If so, write to:

    Susanne Santi, Office of Research Ethics, University of Waterloo

    Maureen Nummelin, Office of Research Ethics, University of Waterloo

    George Dixon, Vice President – Research, University of Waterloo

    Feridun Hamdullahpur, President, University of Waterloo

    Please, write them, or call them, and anyone else you find in the University of Waterloo directory to bring attention to these matters.

      • Do not throw away or return the survey. Keep the envelope too. Returned unanswered surveys could be filled out by someone else.

  7. What I have found interesting in my area in the US is that the universities who have connections – the department receives money or the lead teacher or chair speaks at the AWEA conferences — those studies always seem to come out to be no problems with wind turbines being close to people, no loss of property values, etc. It is just so…. surprising 😉

  8. Stantec Incorporated is working for Niagara Region Wind Corporation in West Lincoln, they are so badly interwoven in the wind energy community, that I am sure it has got to be the largest scam ever perpetrated, as the same scenarios are being played out in countries all over the world, with the same M.O. Even down to the denial of health effects and the losses of property values, it’s as if they are reading a manual on how to con an entire civilizations with false promises and anecdotal benefits, I sure hope the drugs wear off soon and this nonsense comes to an end before the province is too far in debt to claw it’s way back out, like so many of the countries in Europe, or haven’t the masses been paying attention? Wind turbines did not help them at all, it only compounded their problems.,and gas power plants have not lost a minutes sleep, their future is secure, so lets get real and invest the money on producing hydro, nuclear power, gas, and all of our reliable energy sources as cleanly and efficiently as possible, and research can continue to find new, efficient, cost-effective, safe ways to carry us into the future. Industrial wind turbines are not technically equipped to do the job, their power is intermittent, their parts are not recyclable other than to burn them, and the wind companies claim it is too costly to locate them away from rural communities, so they claim they are safe via a pile of studies that they have either financed or through the government whom was backing them in their misadventure. Obviously they think everyone is blind, deaf, and dumb. How are they intending to compensate people who have been forced out of their homes and had their lives and communities torn apart by their feigned ignorance of the truth? The day of reckoning is on the horizon, the truth is starting to trickle out in spite of gag orders, bribes, sweetheart deals with local governments etc. I know there are very many of us out there who eagerly await the day the complete truth is made public, tangled webs and all.

  9. Marlboro was offering a pack of smokes to anyone who wants to participate in a survey 😉

  10. I wrote a formal letter to the university to complain and received what looks to be a form-letter reply. In it was the sentence:
    “we understand the concerns being raised and would like to acknowledge that the choice of a Samsung tablet as one of the two incentives was regrettable.”
    I wrote back and asked if they intended to do anything about it or just “regret” it, No response yet but we will see if they take time to respond to this email.
    My email to Tanya Cristidis and Phil Bigelow used much more colloquial language. But no reply yet from them.

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