Nextera turbine within 100m of active bald eagle nest in Haldimand County

Robert and Doris Awde
This pair of bald eagles is in imminent danger as NextEra prepares to install an access road, three industrial wind turbines and a meteorological tower within close proximity to their nest, which is located near Lakeshore Road in Haldimand County. The MNR has inspected their nest and confirmed that the nest is indeed active. The proposed access road and middle turbine are within 100 meters of the nest, while the other two turbines are within 500 meters. The locations for the access road and turbines for this site were staked out November 22, 2012.A letter from Catherine Jong (MNR) dated March 18, 2011, sent to Betty Ortt, states “In regards to Bald Eagles, the MNR recommends a minimum setback of 800 m from a renewable energy project component to a Bald Eagle nest.” There should be no further development at this site.

18 thoughts on “Nextera turbine within 100m of active bald eagle nest in Haldimand County

  1. 800m for a bald eagle nest and 550m for a human home.
    mcguinty and his puppets – legalized criminals in their own world.
    rural Ontario will jail him.

  2. I wish we could jail him and his cronies.The left has put Rob Ford through Hell and got him kicked out of office for a letter head and money for charity and yet look what McGuinty has done to rural Ontario and the lefties say nothing because its a liberal. If a liberal does it its ok. Compare even Ford and the London Mayor(a former Liberal Cabinet Minister} and it makes it pretty clear.
    Maybe it is time to take McGuinty to court but I have a feeling NOTHING would happen!!

    • The difference is that even when doing stuff you don’t agree with, most politicians are smart enough and careful enough to avoid breaking the law while doing it. Rob Ford is a buffoon who thought he was above the law. He got what he asked for and could easily have avoided it by exercising just the smallest shred of common sense.

  3. It’s long overdue for a complete cleansing of all corruption from our elected officials, regardless of their “party of choice” which can change as the issues that concern them change. No more closed door meetings, complete transparency when dealing with issues such as spending and taxation, no more changing the rules and the laws to push your own agenda on the people you know do not want it. The outrageous fees that are being paid to host farmers and turbine companies are coming out of our pockets, and it is a product we do not want, need, it doesn’t work, it makes us sick, and it destroys the farmland, industrializes once rural communities, and all people can think of is that it is green. If only that were true. It would bankrupt our government to produce even 5% of our power with wind energy, and it would make us unable to afford our energy bills also. There is no up side to turbines other than the money that greedy foreign companies will make on the backs of the ratepaying citizens of this province. We need to stop this nonsense before Ontario’s designation as a have-not province becomes permanent. How much is it going to cost the government to pay damages to all the people being hurt by their involvement in this international scam? We must phone, e-mail, write, tweet, and whatever else we can do to make sure every politician who stands any chance of being the next premier knows that this scam will no longer be tolerated. We want hard facts on just how much CO2 has been eliminated, (we all know the answer but we want to hear them say it out loud.) We need to know exactly how efficient their methods of creating energy are vs cleanliness and costliness, all these factored must be carefully weighed and measured. Also, we, as a society must resolve to never let the governments or large corporations or anyone other than our doctors tell us if we are sick or not, and when,much like an allergy, it is only present when you are in contact with the turbines, it shouldn’t take a million people to suffer before they put two and two together, and admit that placing the turbines close to people was irresponsible, regardless of their efficiency. Turbines are being built to enormous sizes and no studies anywhere ever have been done on these. We are NOT their guinea pigs.

    • We are NOT their guinea pigs.

      Really!? The evidence says otherwise.

      Are our “Heroes of the Environment” open for input and receptive to facts? Apparently not… expect more of the same — fellow guinea pig/lab rat.

      • Any person who is truly green would have done due diligence and discovered the hard truths about this “so-called green energy” scam. This is no better than being sold any other product that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. Can anyone show us how much CO2 has been eliminated so far by all the thousands of turbines all over the world which have been running, as opposed to the billions of dollars spent on making rich foreign companies richer on our backs. There has been little or no gain for an unbelievable amount of pain. Wake up people, this nonsense will do NOTHING to improve global warming. Who are they trying to kid? P.S. This guinea pig is a fighter and I will not give up.

  4. U.S. companies have come into Ontario and taken advantage of the Green Energy Act. They can hire lawyers to prevent IWT victims from testifying. Seek to kill birds & bats with IWTs, etc. If U.S. companies behave in a similar manner around the world is it any wonder the U.S. is disliked in foreign countries?

  5. For some Nextera viewpoints:

    1. Go to Kern County, CA Planning and Community Development Department’s website.
    2. In the “GREEN” row click on “HEARINGS” then “PLANNING COMMISSION”.
    3. Then click on “AGENDA, MINUTES, AND VIDEOS.”
    4. Under “PAST / ARCHIVED MEETINGS” scroll down to “8/11/11 7:00PM PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING 03h 31m VIDEO”.
    5. Fast forward to 02:05:40 and listen through 02:06:30 approximately.

    Planning Commission removed the proposed turbines along the public access road.

    1. Go to Kern County, CA Planning and Community Development Department’s website
    2. In the “GREEN” row click on “HEARINGS” then “KERN COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS”.
    4. Under “PAST / ARCHIVED MEETINGS” scroll down to “09/20/11 2:00PM REGULAR MEETING PM 05h 45m VIDEO”.
    5. Fast forward to 05:19:15 and listen through 05:20:45 approximately for another view point.

    Turbines were approved along the public access road. Multiple will be in line and studies recommend driving 20MPH on the dirt road with one eye closed. No consideration for walking, breakdowns or mountain bikers. No phone service is available through this area.

  6. So how do we find out if the Eagles (and residents) are spared from the turbines? Or will the nest “magically” disappear?

    • The nest is under a very watchful eye by many of the locals by a variety of means. It is not far from me and I, (and others), are watching for the first sign of any construction activity or threat to the nest. Then I suppose we will have to proceed to block their efforts unless the MNR does the right thing. I am sick and tired of money being the ruler everything, I am sick of nature being seen as expendable, I am REALLY sick of politicians ignoring us constantly;
      People have used every legal avenue to protest this but what do they do? Stick it up our behinds anyways….democracy? Freedom? Freedom to shut up and take it maybe…..

  7. Too many of us locals are watching the nest, by a variety of means which I will not share here. If the MNR does not do what is right and halt construction we will be forced to handle it ourselves, I suppose. We are sick and tired of being ignored, we explore every LEGAL means of protest and what does it get us? Ignored! Sign your petitions, write your letters…no one cares and they just stick it to us anyways. We do not have a free country or a democracy and have not for some time….the rich get their way and we (and nature) get the shaft every time!
    I could write a lot more, but won’t…..

  8. A travesty occurred today when White Construction, the contractor for Nextera, removed the nest and the trees that held it. They had a permit, issued Dec 31, 2012, due to expire Jan 6, 2013, for the removal ( ). Said permit was issued with a statement that “Timing is critical as the eagles are not currently situated in the nest”. This is BS — they can often be seen in the nest — I live nearby and see them in it quite often! WQhen they aren’t there they are out looking for food, some times right in front of where i live on the lake.

    Shame on you MNR for issuing the permit, and on you White Construction and Nextera for actually carrying it out. You will all answer to the creator for what you have done!

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