Suffering: who can pay for that?

Health Canada Submission: Barbara Kelly, from Corbetton
[excerpt] In the meantime, due to my concern for Ms Kelly’s reported circumstances, I am requesting that emergency funding be provided to Ms Kelly to restore her physical, mental and social well-being and that resolution be achieved to her satisfaction.

Ms Kelly reports:
“I as of next week will be renting a room 12 km’s away for $500.00 per month, hoping my life will return to normal, I have spent much money on natural supplements, special diets, time travelling to diagnostic appointments, blood tests, specialists that are not covered under OHIP, but who can possibly repay me for
losing a year of my life. In frustration driving to my son’s home just to escape going mad. There is no amount of money that can reimburse me for my suffering. I have spent quite a bit on medications but suffering who can pay for that??? I would love it if someone could just buy this place and just use it for an office and business but not to sleep and live here.”

3 thoughts on “Suffering: who can pay for that?

  1. The wind companies should be forced to buy the homes of people who cannot for whatever reason, live in their homes any more. The quality of life for neighbours of the useless, noisy, machines is greatly diminished. Apparently McGuinty said there are lots of communities who will be delighted to have these turbines surrounding them… I am sure they must all be liberals who will somehow weasel out of it at the last minute. Lots of green real estate for sale…why aren’t the jolly green idiots snatching them all up? Where are you greenies? Come on now, you said they were a good thing, now step up to the plate! Buy the homes you claim are safe!!! Maybe you can get jobs picking up the dead bats and birds…

    • Shellie: Re “Maybe you can get a job, picking up the dead bats and birds….”
      I wonder if the Wind Co.s, supply their Dead Bat/Bird Pickers, with lots of bug juice for the `skitters`, seeing that, by killing all the Bats, they`d be abundant, at all times of day! And probably about the same size as an average bat, with their new linger livespans.

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