Letter shows Health Canada seeks meeting with CanWEA on study …why?

“Why would members of the Health Canada’s Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study seek a meeting with CanWEA? Who is Health Canada trying to protect: the health of Canadians or the health of the wind industry?”

24 thoughts on “Letter shows Health Canada seeks meeting with CanWEA on study …why?

  1. This now puts a gigantic stink on this study that Health Canada won’t soon or easily be able to remove. What’s a part of the federal bureaucracy doing soliciting a meeting with a registered lobbyist, with an obvious one-sided interest, when it should be the other way around. They sound too chummy for my liking.

    • The Health Canada “study” stunk from the very beginning. The principal investigator, David Michaud is on record advocating for a “45 dba” limit, even though he had admitted to being challenged by the lack of scientific information available.

      David Michaud and Tara Bower are are dishonest and should be removed from the civil service. Their families should be ashamed of them.

  2. Is anyone really surprised? In spite of Hudak’s ‘promises’ to return decision making to municipalities there isn’t a single politician, Liberal, NDP, Green or Conservative who has actually publicly promised to not only repeal the Green Energy Act, but also to cancel approved projects and decommission operational Industrial Wind projects.
    The post following this regarding an attempt to get the ‘gag orders’ lifted says it all really. As long as politicians of ALL parties don’t appear to have a problem with this huge abuse of freedom of speech then not a single one of them will actively support those in rural Ontario under the continued attacks from the industrial wind energy industry.
    Health Canada probably contacted CanWEA secretly and ahead to make sure they knew exactly what they can, and more importantly, cannot, include in their conclusions.
    Watch out for a complete whitewash of the wind energy industry and the usual platitudes about being aware of the concerns of some citizens and a ‘commitment’ to continue investigations just in case any ‘proof’ turns up to suggest that there may be negative health impacts on folk and/or devaluation of property. I think we should all wait breathlessly to see the final makeup of the group undertaking this ‘health study’ and the parameters they are given.
    Any bets there will be some from the Pembina Institute, perhaps even from CanWEA as well, on the ‘team’? Any bets that Robert McMurtry won’t even be asked…?? After all it’s only a health study!
    Am I cynical? You betcha!!! 🙂
    Andrew Watts

    • Their past behaviour has given us every reason to be cynical. That is why any party that wants to get the trust and respect of the rural communities, is going to have to make it abundantly clear that they will protect us by scrapping the green tyranny act, and the F.I.T. program, both of which have set us up to be attacked by these wind companies with our hands tied behind our backs. The health study they are doing should not have anything to do with CanWEA, and it makes it look really corrupt when these types of backroom secret meetings are going on. That is like discussing with the fox, the way you intend to protect the chickens. It should be obvious that there is a conflict of interest there. The names and backgrounds of all participants in the study should be made public, (at least the professional people working on the study.)

  3. My take on this is different. Now that this has come to light, Health Canada not only now has to make sure they do one hell of a job with this study, but their results had better acknowledge that wind turbines cause health problems, otherwise, they’re open to every accusation of bias, pandering, unfair research, erroneous results, etc.
    We need to make sure that our MP’s and anyone else who will listen, know about this, so that H.C. knows they are now under a microscope and they’d better cross every damned ‘t’ and cross every damned ‘i’.
    What I’m curious about now is the letters that CANwea submitted to H.C. AFTER the announcement of the study. I’ll have to go back and review that correspondence more carefully.

      • How about IWT investments by MPs, Senators and/or their relatives?

      • The “Hi Tara” reply seems a rather informal way to address a government official? Implies they know one another?
        It’s a mistake to think that the multi-millionaries and billionaries
        involved in IWTs don’t have Ottawa contacts.

  4. I hope you are right Donna, but I have never known the government to be anxious to anger Big Business. There is so much corruption interwoven through at every level, where do you find an agency that you know is not financially tied into this scheme? We will need to shout from the rooftops if we are not acknowledged as having real and serious issues relating directly to the installation of these useless machines. I wouldn’t be surprised if the eventual collapse of the greed energy bubble is a financially caused implosion., Our health is not really a great concern to the greedy investors. The study wouldn’t have been done if it weren’t for people screaming. It wasn’t done to make sure they were safe BEFORE they installed the suckers. I will trust them when I can read the study and see the actual symptoms I KNOW people have experienced printed in black and white, without the insulting word, “psychosomatic” beside it. When you go to the Dr., he does NOT ask you, “And how does the wind company say you are feeling today?”…at least not yet. Maybe that is their next plan.

  5. Here’s what CANwea posted on their website on September 7, 2012. No mention of the fact that they’ve already been in talks with HC about this.
    From the CanWEA website — September 7, 2012

    CanWEA expresses concerns; seeks more details on proposed Health Canada study to ensure scientific validity of research

    Ottawa, ON, September 7, 2012 – The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) today filed comments with respect to a proposed Health Canada study, “Health Impacts and Exposure to Wind Turbine Noise: Research Design and Noise Exposure Assessment”, to be undertaken in collaboration with Statistics Canada.

    CanWEA, in its thorough review of the materials posted by Health Canada for public comment, has significant concerns related to the proposed methodology and the scope of this study as presented. Many of these concerns are fundamental. It is the opinion of CanWEA that substantial modifications to the proposed methodology and study design are required to ensure the results of the study make a useful contribution to the significant volume of global scientific literature already in existence. CanWEA has submitted comments in the following areas: treatment of annoyance; participant and project selection; treatment of control groups; the lack of demonstrated ability to account for the prevalence of reported symptoms and bias; the proposed sound modeling and measurement procedures; the poor amount of research cited; and the lack of a commitment to compare results (e.g., executing a risk assessment) between wind energy and other sources of community concern or known health/environmental impacts.

    While it may be the case that our concerns are mainly attributable to the lack of detail provided by Health Canada (meaning, areas where we have raised a concern have already been accounted for, but not yet articulated by Health Canada), CanWEA respectfully requests the study team provide a formal response to the concerns we have raised and then re-issue a revised study design and methodology with much more detail (considering the comments received) for further review by stakeholders.

    CanWEA believes the proposed study has the potential to make a valuable contribution to our understanding of the issue of wind turbines and human health if it is executed with sufficient scientific rigour, absent of bias, and produces results that are reproducible by an independent research group.

    The Canadian Wind Energy Association is the voice of Canada’s wind energy industry, actively promoting the responsible and sustainable growth of wind energy on behalf of its 400 members. CanWEA monitors and reviews all credible sources of information related to wind energy. We appreciate the opportunity to comment on this significant undertaking, and look forward to reviewing the response to our submission.

    To access the Executive Summary from CanWEA’s submission to Health Canada, click here.

    To access CanWEA’s full submission to Health Canada, click here.

    To access global statements and 17 reviews on wind energy and human health: http://www.canwea.ca/media/release/release_e.php?newsId=154

    For more information or interviews please contact:

    Ulrike Kucera, Media Relations
    613-234-8716 Ext. 228
    Mobile: 613 876 4433

    Lejla Latifovic, Communications
    613-234-8716 Ext. 241

    • A revised study design will buy time to get the IWTs installed in rural Ontario even if nothing else comes of this.
      Have said this before and will say this again that many countries with IWTs also have national health services which in turn can be persuaded to cover up IWT health issues. Doctors are not independent in these situations and may fear expressing their views on IWTs and health issues.

      • As I recall ,a poster at BISHOP HILL a couple of years ago made some inquiries in the UK and found out that the IWT health issues coverup went quite high up in the UK National Health System. High enough to cover up these issues. Bishp Hill might still have these posts.
        This was re- posted by me at OWC as well at that time.

    • So in typical unethical, under-handed, conniving, lying Big Industry ways, they post this little tidbit on their website, to give the illusion that they’ve not spoken to H.C. yet about this, when in fact, they have. Guess they didn’t count on someone being smart enough to access the truth under the FOI.

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  7. My take is:
    CanWEA lawyers – wrote a letter to Health Canada.
    Did anyone expect them not to?
    They should be a little concerned – I think!

    • CanWEA ‘beleives’ – ugh!
      ‘[excerpt] CanWEA believes the proposed study has the potential to make a valuable contribution to our understanding of the issue of wind turbines and human health if it is executed with sufficient scientific rigour, absent of bias, and produces results that are reproducible by an independent research group.’

      Wacko’s – I believe

  8. What CanWEA was saying is that they don’t want them talking to real victims, they don’t want them to find any symptoms and attribute them to wind turbines. And if the Health Canada Study does this, then, and only then, will it be accepted by them, and if it does not agree with what they have previously stated, then it will be completely discredited. I don’t believe they should be telling Health Canada how to do a study. The whole thing reeks as far as I’m concerned. Do the cigarette companies tell the researchers and doctors how to study the links between cigarettes and cancer? I certainly hope not…. Could a conflict of interest be more obvious?

  9. “[excerpt] It is the opinion of CanWEA that substantial modifications to the proposed methodology and study design are required to ensure the results of the study make a useful contribution to the significant volume of global scientific literature already in existence”
    In my opinion, this appears to be an outright suggestion that the methodology and end results of the study should not be much different than any information already out there. If CanWEA with its far reaching tentacles and political connections have already had a discussion meeting with Health Canada then any hope of non biased in this study is gone. Someone noted that it was as a conflict of interest and I would wholeheartedly agree with that premise.

  10. One needs to find out who exactly can be ‘charged’ with Conflict of Interest with regard to the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. If you read the small print and refer to all the various amendments I think you will find it is only elected politicians and no one else.
    And then you have to find the appropriate government agency to actually follow up a complaint.
    The Ombudsman’s Office cannot and I can’t think of any other government body worth trusting to even pursue a case impartially, can you?
    CanWEA certainly couldn’t be found liable.
    Neither could any of the government bureaucracy at any level who have been dealing directly with the wind energy for years. The public sector had amendments in place years ago. They cannot be found liable for anything that happens as a result of anything they do. Why do you think no politician or political party will actually do anything serious about the ever increasing size of government bureaucracy?
    Good luck in finding a single elected politician who we might be found in ‘Conflict of Interest’, unless, of course, you’re Rob Ford and have no ‘friends’ in the current liberal government bureaucracy! 🙂
    Andrew Watts

  11. Too bad we couldn’t organize a “People’s Court” where public opinion can find someone, anyone, GUILTY of criminal actions!
    Our present day legal system has been so totally “re-invented” to protect the guilty Government workers from having to answer for their “anti-human” agendas that we are basically living in a an all out tyranny.
    Of course a “People’s Court” is probably illegal!

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