Birds and turbines don’t mix

Photos by David Libby

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5 thoughts on “Birds and turbines don’t mix

  1. Thanks David! Birds against the dark sky with the turbines makes it easy to see what the situation is. Can’t deny this is happening.

  2. Yes perhaps these images ( true ones)
    could be used to repace the ones up in project drafts for all to see. Instead of the rainbows and sunny blue sky surrounded by vast open yellow fields!

    Be nice to show the world the truth!

  3. If they are not concerned about harming humans, I don’;t believe they are worried about harming birds, bats, or any other part of our environment. Money is the only language they speak. Perhaps we need to go off the grid en masse, that would surely send a message. Gas generators, candles, and wood fires, back to square one. That would get their attention.

  4. Okay, so we loose some birds. Who cares? More likely the migration of birds will be changed. So who still cares? After the birds are gone everyone will care. Not just the local people because the insect population will grow but when food prices and new health issues rise due to the actions that will occur, in order to control the effects of a booming insect population, then the city-iots will start to listen. But then, it will be too late.

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